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The Daily Beast: “Is Uber’s Paratransit Service Anything But a PR Move?”

January 13, 2015

Is Uber’s Paratransit Service Anything But a PR Move?

Uber wants to take over San Francisco’s system of transport for disabled and elderly residents. Are they serious, or just trying to look better to the public?

Point to point transportation for anyone with a disability can be a challenge, and at the moment many rely on what are known as paratransit networks—accessible public transportation services. But that may change in the near future, thanks to another Silicon Valley disruption.

Uber, the popular app that helps users hail taxis and private cars, has been in talks with the San Francisco government to take over the city’s paratransit network, according to documents obtained by the San Francisco Examiner last week. Although the talks ultimately didn’t result in Uber doing business with San Francisco—the company was interested in taking over the city’s entire paratransit network—Uber’s foray into the public service does raise the issue of transportation network companies (TNCs) expanding into other niches.

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