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Safe Driving For Seniors: Officials Get Creative

December 1, 2009

National Public Radio, All Things Considered

November 24, 2009

A University of Florida study predicts that within 15 years, a quarter of all drivers in the U.S. will be age 65 and older.

Once they reach the over-75 age bracket, they’re more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than any other age group — except teenagers.

So how are officials in states like Florida, which has a huge population of senior citizens, addressing such questions as, can old drivers adopt new driving habits to drive more safely? When should people stop driving? And what should they do after they stop?

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Car Service Helps Older Adults Stay Independent

January 1, 2009

Joseph Shapiro, National Public Radio, Morning Edition.

Two years ago, Dick Bowman’s children approached him to say it was time for him to quit driving. The then-89-year-old had caused a couple of fender benders, including scraping another car while driving his Volvo in the parking lot at his tennis club.

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National Public Radio

February 13, 2006

Susan Sharon, Network Connects Riders with Drivers in Maine