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MSNBC Today Show Spot: Rising Risk of Elderly Drivers

November 10, 2010

This morning, a 5 minute spot on the Risks of elderly driving was featured on the Today Show on NBC. The news story followed and interviewed Leroy Steinke, an 86-year-old independent driver, and his daughter Mary Bushman, who were beginning to have a conversation about giving up driving. While Leroy was altogether a safe driver, the spot also showed the dangerous side of elderly driving with a video of an 84-year-old woman driving down the wrong side of a major highway for approximately 5 miles. Also included was a test with a “Senior Simulator Suit” by the NBC reporter and accompanied by driving expert David Melton to show how difficult it is to drive as a senior citizen.

Information is given within the spot about what to look for in driving habits of the elderly, how to approach the subject with an elderly parent, and statistics about the Baby Boomer generation turning 65 and the ratio of accidents for older drivers versus the rest of the population.

Watch the entire spot on NBC’s website here.