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ITNLasVegasValley delivers 1,000th ride

May 9, 2011

ITNLasVegasValley, a senior transportation program, delivered its 1,000th ride late last month.

Marion Binimow, an ITN member since June 2010, was the 1,000th rider who went from her home to a lunch date at a local restaurant. She said, “ITN has given me so much freedom and flexibility to go places I could not get to because I don’t drive. I’m glad to have been part of ITN’s milestone celebration.”

The ride was given by Lana Culjis who is one of several volunteer drivers who make it possible for seniors to remain independent and engaged in the community by providing transportation for them.

Gerontology Students Receive Award

April 6, 2011

College of Charleston


Brenda Sanders of the College of Charleston accepts a 2010 Community Partner Award for ongoing support of the SC Aging in Place Coalition by students of her Gerontology class.
Left to right: Janet Schumacher, Chairman – SCAIP, Kelley Hallmann, Chairman of Aging in Place Week and Brenda Sanders, Gerontology Class Instructor

A College of Charleston gerontology professor and her students have been recognized for making a difference in the Charleston community. Sociology Instructor Brenda Sanders accepted the 2010 Community Partner Award from the South Carolina Aging in Place Coalition for creating opportunities for gerontology students to serve seniors in the Lowcountry through internships, volunteer experiences and service learning opportunities.

Every gerontology student participates in a service-learning project. There are about 20 students in the gerontology class and they help with Respite Care Ministries which provides respite for caregivers of those with dementia or to act as drivers for ITN (Independent Transportation Network), a non-profit that provides transportation for senior citizens. In fact, junior Olivia Rothschild, who is currently enrolled in Aging and the Family, provided ITNCharlestonTrident’s 25,000th ride on February 25, 2011. The students also help with events during National Aging in Place week.

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WE DID IT! (With Your Help!)
25,000th ITNCharlestonTrident Ride
Provided on Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011

1542 days after our FIRST RIDE on Nov. 15, 2006, when Volunteer Driver Phil Avery provided a ride to member rider Frieda Gearhart, we provided ride number 25,000 today.

Member rider Courtney Quattlebaum (picture attached) was provided our 25,000th ride by volunteer driver Olivia Rothschild. Mrs. Quattlebaum has been a regular rider with ITN for two years. Olivia is a student in a College of Charleston Gerontology Class and is providing rides this spring for ITN after choosing ITN as a project for credit in her class. Joining Mrs. Quattlebaum for the 25,000th ride were Terry Brown, Chair – ITN Board of Trustees and volunteer driver Phil Avery who provided the FIRST RIDE for ITN.

Joining in our 25,000th Ride Celebration, we are honored to have the following guest drivers, representing four of our community partners, provide our members with rides; Charleston County Council Chairman Teddie E. Pryor, Sr.; Town of Mount Pleasant Mayor Billy Swails; City of Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr; and City of North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey (picture attached). We thank these gentlemen for taking time out of their busy schedule to be part of our 25,000th Ride Celebration and for their ongoing support.

ITNCharlestonTrident would like to thank everyone who contributed in one way or another in helping ITNCharlestonTrident achieve this very significant milestone. We want to thank our great volunteers, our Board of Trustees, our community supporters and friends, our paid staff, ITNAmerica and, of course, our member riders. THANK YOU for believing in what we do and for supporting ITNCharlestonTrident from FIRST RIDE to the 25,000the ride and beyond.

Since our FIRST RIDE:

  • 549 residents in the lowcountry have utilized ITN’s dignified transportation program.
  • Over 75 different volunteers have provided safe, dependable and friendly rides to our member riders.
  • Gas has gone from $3 a gallon in August of 2006 to $2.18 at the time of our FIRST RIDE in November, 2006, and back to $3 plus for our 25,000 ride.
  • A total of 15 vehicles have been donated or traded to ITN for use by our paid drivers.
  • Volunteers have consistently provided over 50% of all rides beginning in 2010.
  • Current active volunteer drivers Phil Avery, Ginny and Dick Giffen, Terry Brown and Charlotte Anderson combined to provide our first 100 rides and they’re still going strong.

Thank you for setting the high standards we continue today.

ITN (Independent Transportation Network): “Opening More Than Car Doors”


Left to right: Olivia Rothschild (Volunteer Driver), Courtney Quattlebaum (Member Rider) and Terry Brown (Chair-Board of Trustees)


Left to right: Terry Brown (Board of Trustees), Julia Ham (Member Rider), Mayor Keith Summey (North Charleston)

ITNCharlestonTrident Celebrates Four Years of Service

November 15, 2010

ITNCharlestonTrident is celebrating today its fourth year of providing dignified transportation to seniors and the visually impaired in the lowcountry.

On this date in in 2006, volunteer driver Phil Avery provided ITNCharlestonTrident’s first ride.

Phil Avery is still an active volunteer driver and, along with our many volunteer and paid drivers, has helped ITN provide 23,318 rides in the four years!

This would not have been possible without the great work of our visionary founders, our volunteers, our Board of Directors, our staff, our community supporters and, of course, our wonderful member riders who so greatly appreciate the service we provide.

Thank you to everyone for making this milestone a reality.

Jim Ledbetter
Executive Director

ITNAmerica® Celebrates 300,000 Rides

October 15, 2010

ITNAmerica®, the nation’s first and only non-profit transportation system for America’s aging population, proudly announces that we gave our 300,000th ride this past August. Since beginning in Maine fifteen years ago as a small, locally based non-profit, ITNPortland™, we have continued to develop and grow new ITN Affiliates across the country.

Read our postcard and see how you can help!