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Survey: Senior drivers not reluctant to discuss safety

June 24, 2014

There’s good news for adult children of senior drivers who’ve been dreading having that all-important conversation about whether it’s time to hand over the keys: Mom or Dad might be more willing than you think to have that talk.

That’s according to a new survey from insurer Liberty Mutual, which found that 84% of senior drivers said they were open to conversations about limiting or stopping their driving. But only 6% of respondents said they had spoken with someone about their driving abilities.

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Liberty Mutual Age Suit

October 8, 2013

Imagine you have arthritis in every joint. With a stiff neck, knees that won’t bend past 40 degrees and arms that take great effort to hold up, driving would be a chore. Getting into the driver’s seat would be a controlled fall of sorts, and after plopping down behind the wheel, turning your head to check the mirrors would be nearly impossible.

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How To Talk To An Elderly Person About Giving Up The Keys To A Car

October 8, 2013

After a certain age, driving becomes a liability. Vision deteriorates, reaction times slow, and just getting into and out of a car safely can prove challenging.

But it’s not easy to convince someone — especially a parent — that it’s time to give up the keys.

For advice on how to know when it’s time to stop driving, and how to approach the topic, we spoke with Dave Melton, the managing director of global safety for Liberty Mutual Insurance.

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Join the Senior Driving Conversation

January 12, 2012

Dave Melton, Managing Director for Global Road Safety for Liberty Mutual Insurance and Katherine Freund, President and Executive Director of ITNAmerica, discuss Senior Driving: the issue that is currently impacting families worldwide; tell-tale signs of someone who should consider giving up the car keys; the “Senior Simulation Suit,” which is a community educational initiative, that includes a live simulation demonstration; how to approach this subject with loved-ones; and, transportation alternatives such as ITNAmerica. For more information on Senior Driving, please visit and

Drive into the golden years

September 28, 2010

Jon Hilkevitch
Chicago Tribune

Joe Tallman, 24 and physically fit, felt about 60 years older on Tuesday when he was zipped into a senior citizen driving simulator suit and put behind a steering wheel.

Outfitted with strategically placed weights and braces from neck to ankles, the suit creates the feeling of restricted movement, arthritis and fatigue that many elderly drivers must contend with.

The purpose behind the senior simulator, which was available Tuesday at Millennium Park, was to help facilitate a necessary but often uncomfortable dialogue between family members and their elderly parents and grandparents who still drive—and perhaps shouldn’t.

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Drivers Simulate Being Elderly

November 13, 2009


LEXINGTON– As the first wave of baby boomers gets older, more and more elderly people are driving.

With elderly drivers on the increase, a workshop was held today in Lexington where reporters suited up in a weighted suit that simulated fatigue and the effects of aging on the body.

Driving on a closed course became very difficult, as reaction times were slower, and mobility was impeded.

Liberty Mutual Insurance hosted the event, and their goal was to increase awareness about these safety concerns. Dave Melton, the Industry Director of Transportation for Liberty, had a few great suggestions.

“Instead of driving a parent around or an older friend, let them drive and observe how they drive. Are they driving too far apart or behind the vehicle in front of them? Are they driving too slowly? Are they taking turns very wide?”

There are alternative ways to get around for those who shouldn’t drive, such as services provided by non profit groups like ITNBluegrass.

You can learn more about ITNBluegrass by following this link:

To play an online game that simulates the driving experience for an elderly person, you can follow this link:

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