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Senior transportation network expands to Marlborough

December 17, 2012

“This is not just a ride to and from the health center or the grocery store, but an opportunity for residents of the same town to build connectivity and for organizations to increase their collaborative impact within the community,” said Jean Patel-Bushnell, executive director of ITNGreaterBoston

“Mobility for our older adult population reduces isolation and enables our parents and grandparents to continue to be important contributing members of our society, which is one of the many reasons we partnered with the MetroWest Health Foundation to launch ITNGreaterBoston locally,” said David Abelman, president of the Tufts Health Plan Foundation.

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“We really believe in the concept of dignified transportation”

October 29, 2012

Executive Director Jean Patel Bushnell said the point of the network is to keep senior citizens invested and involved in their community.

“If they don’t have the means to go to a medical appointment, to go play bridge, to see their children, to see their grandchildren graduate…they’re not as happy,” said Bushnell.

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Adding Another Slice to the Transportation Pie, Startup Offers Car Rides to Seniors

May 30, 2012

“Aging is not a sexy topic,” Jean Patel Bushnell tells me bluntly over the phone. However, as the Executive Director of ITNGreaterBoston, a non-profit transportation startup for the elderly and vision-impaired, Bushnell has to deal with aging quite often.

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