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New ride service gives MetroWest seniors measure of freedom [ITNGreaterBoston]

February 14, 2012

By Michael Morton/Daily News staff

A recently launched nonprofit program is giving some MetroWest seniors more transportation freedom when they hang up their keys — or decide not to hit the road in times of heavy traffic, bad weather or decreasing daylight.

Modeled after similar low-cost networks across the nation and initially funded with a three-year, $600,000 start-up grant from the MetroWest Health Foundation and Tufts Health Plan Foundation, ITN-GreaterBoston includes Framingham, Ashland and Natick in its coverage area.

Organizers recruit volunteer drivers who use their own cars for pickups, with the helpers first providing references and proof of insurance and going through background checks for any crimes or previous problems on the roads.

Riders must be at least 60, or have impaired vision if younger. They also have to pay a $60 annual membership fee, though that gets them $30 worth of transportation credits.

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Innovative Senior Transportation Network Begins in 15 Boston and MetroWest Communities [ITNGreaterBoston]

February 14, 2012

A new transportation system for adults age 60 and older and visually-impaired individuals debuted in 15 Greater Boston and MetroWest communities from West Roxbury to Ashland, this week.

iTNGreaterBoston is a nonprofit transportation network that matches older adults who are unable or no longer want to drive, with volunteer drivers from their own communities. Carefully screened drivers provide door-through -door rides in their own or donated cars, providing an affordable, flexible mode of transport for seniors often reliant solely on family members when public transportation is not accessible.

It’s a model that has caught on across the country, establishing a network that is both local and national, allowing volunteer drivers the ability to bank their time for future rides for themselves, friends or family, in any of the 22 affiliated networks across the US.

“This is not just a ride to and from the health center or the grocery store; but an opportunity for residents of the same town to build connectivity and for organizations to increase their collaborative impact within the community,” says Jean Patel-Bushnell, Executive Director of iTNGreaterBoston.

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New Group Offers Rides For MetroWest Seniors [ITNGreaterBoston]

February 10, 2012

Written by
Livia Gershon

A new transportation system to provide older adults and people with visual impairments with door-to-door rides started this week in Greater Boston and the MetroWest area.

iTNGreaterBoston, an affiliate of iTNAmerica, which has 21 other networks across the country, is a nonprofit network that provides volunteer drivers for people who might otherwise be isolated in their homes.

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Senior car service launches [ITNGreaterBoston]

February 6, 2012

Written by
John Ruch

…There was “no breaking a Champagne bottle over the hood of a car,” but the program is under way, said Dale Mitchell, a board member of ITNGreaterBoston, the new nonprofit offering the service.

The car service uses both volunteer and professional drivers in unmarked cars. The drivers escort the riders to and from the door of their pick-up and drop-off spots. Drivers are screened for criminal records. Riders pay an annual membership fee and a per-ride fee.

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Driven to Succeed

January 20, 2012

Written by
Michelle Hillman

Jean Patel Bushnell is the force behind a new regional service for elders called ITNGreaterBoston which will provide seniors with safe and reliable transportation.

Seniors who need a ride to their physician’s office, who want to attend outings with friends, go the grocery store or even visit their grandchildren will have a local option when ITNGreaterBoston launches in a half dozen suburban Boston communities later this month.

ITNGreaterBoston is the result of combined funding from the MetroWest Health Foundation and Tufts Health Plan Foundation which wanted to ensure that seniors who were no longer able to drive could still get to medical and other necessary appointments. For Bushnell, ITNGreaterBoston is about more than just getting from place to place. It’s about providing seniors with freedom and dignity.

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ITNGreaterBoston‘s Board Member – Dale Mitchell and his leadership team at Ethos support local communities – Help for the Holidays!

November 23, 2011

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Senior car service heads to [Jamaica Plain]

October 7, 2011

A low-cost private taxi service for seniors and people who are visually impaired is aiming to serve JP by December, and may even be based here.

“We’re really looking forward to serving Jamaica Plain and connected areas of Boston,” said Jean Patel Bushnell, executive director of the nonprofit ITNGreaterBoston, which will operate the service.

Unlike the MBTA’s RIDE and the city’s Senior Shuttle, ITNGreaterBoston‘s car service will be available at any time for any type of trip.

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ITNGreaterBoston Board Member Úna Barrett Recently Honored by Irish Voice Newspaper

July 27, 2011

ITNGreaterBoston board member Úna Barrett was recently honored by Irish Voice newspaper in New York as one of its most influential women. The honor recognizes top Irish and Irish American professionals for their leadership, business achievement and community involvement. A ceremony and reception was held at the private residence of the Irish Consulate General in Manhattan.

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Please join Jean Patel Bushnell, Executive Director, ITNGreaterBoston to learn about the first national non-profit transportation network for seniors and adults who are visually impaired

June 6, 2011

Life-changing, visionary, grassroots, necessary and timely.
We invite you to learn more about ITNGreaterBoston, a new community-based transportation alternative that enables older and visually impaired adults to remain mobile, active and independent.

Please join Jean Patel Bushnell, Executive Director, ITNGreaterBoston to learn about the first national non-profit transportation network for seniors and adults who are visually impaired – ITNAmerica® brings together families, businesses, healthcare providers and community organizations to weave a strong web of support to help these two groups continue to live independently.

The Greater Boston affiliate will begin with services in core areas of Boston, adjacent communities, and Metrowest towns, with the hopes of gradual expansion as resources, infrastructure and community support grow. Riders’ services should begin by late 2011.

Characteristics of the Service

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Rides available for ANY purpose within the service area.
  • Rides are provided in private automobiles by trained drivers, who offer companionship and support.
  • People 60 years and older, and adults with visual impairments are eligible to join.
  • Rides may be booked at any time; discounts are applied for shared rides and advance notice.
  • Door-through-door service with help for packages, heavy doors and aides to daily life

ITNGreaterBoston is backed by two strong foundations dedicated to quality of life for older adults – MetroWest Community Health Care Foundation (MWCHCF) and Tufts Health Plan Foundation (THPF)

Time: Thursday, June 9, 3:30 to 4:30 pm
The Carroll Center for the Blind
770 Centre St, Newton, MA 02458
RSVP to DIna Rosenbaum

Transportation network for seniors receives MetroWest health grant

June 3, 2011

A fledgling nonprofit has secured $119,000 from a regional health foundation as it aims for a fall rollout of an innovative transportation network for senior citizens, starting along Rte. 9 but with the potential to expand.

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