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Service to seniors drives ITNBluegrass

March 8, 2011

Margaret Buranen
Smiley Pete Publishing

Lexington, KY – The Independent Transportation Network of the Bluegrass [ITNBluegrass] drove its first official client in July 2008. Since then, the nonprofit organization has taken more than 10,000 local residents who can’t drive themselves to places they needed to go, and the demand for [ITNBluegrass‘] service continues to grow.

“Eldercare has surpassed childcare for (causing) absences in the workplace,” said Gale Reece, [ITNBluegrass‘] executive director. “We are able to help people who are working. They can stay at work while we transport their (non-driving) relatives.”

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Transportation Service Celebrates 10,000th Ride

February 28, 2011

ITNBluegrass, a transportation service for people 60 and older and sight-impaired people 18 and older, now has more than 10,000 rides under its belt and is trying some new programs.

The non-profit organization, which began transporting people in Fayette County in mid-2008, marked its 10,000th ride last week.


Senior transportation non-profit ITNBluegrass™ will provide its 10,000th ride in Fayette County at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, February 22!

February 22, 2011

For Further Information Contact Gale Reece or Laura Dake at 859-252-8665

LEXINGTON, KY. (Monday, February 21, 2011)

ITNBluegrass (Independent Transportation Network), a non-profit service that provides 24/7 automobile transportation to people 60+ and adults with visual impairment, will deliver its 10,000th ride in Fayette County since beginning ride operations in September 2008! The rider is Ethel Tate, who will be picked up at 2 p.m. tomorrow at her home at Continental Towers and taken to a doctor’s visit at Central Baptist Hospital.

ITNBluegrass is changing the way people who have stopped or limited their driving live!

To date, about 40% of ITNBluegrass’ rides have been to medical facilities; 28% to consumer destinations, like grocery stores and hair salons; 12% to places of worship; and 11% to social and recreational events.

ITNBluegrass was the fourth local affiliate of national non-profit ITNAmerica®. There are now 18 affiliates across the United States. ITNBluegrass gives more rides than any affiliate except Portland, Maine, the most mature affiliate with 15 years of ride service.

ITNBluegrass provides safe, affordable transportation to seniors and adults with visual impairment anywhere in Fayette County for any reason. Riders join the service, open a Personal Transportation Account and begin riding. Volunteer drivers provide “arm-thru-arm, door-thru-door” service, helping with stairs and packages. As they drive, volunteers earn mileage reimbursement and/or transportation credits so they can plan for their own transportation future or help with someone else’s.

Time for Decision

January 25, 2011

Harriett Rose
Smiley Pete Publishing

Lexington, KY – Moving out of my house eliminated many decisions I had to make, and that was a pleasure. This time of year brings all sorts of requests for donations to charity. The fact that these are not limited to those charities I have supported for years, but a number of new ones – the results of hard times, I’m sure, and therefore worthy – tears at the heart. Several years ago, I narrowed the list to those I really cared about and raised the amount I gave to each. Today
I started a pile of the requests and soon I will be making my decisions about which I will fill and for how much.

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ITNBluegrass Nominee for Volunteer of the Year Award: Joe and Chandra Jarboe

January 18, 2011


Joe and Chandra Jarboe

More than two years ago, Joe Jarboe became interested in ITNBluegrass and still stands true to his statement, “I believe ITN is worthwhile because it provides a much needed service to the community, and at the same time, it is timely, dignified, respectful, and 24/7.” Rather than just talk about it, though, Joe has actively taken on many roles with our organization. He has served as Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for more than a year and also leads the Board’s new Policies and Procedures Committee. This committee has tackled four diverse but critically important policies in just the last two months, including maximum volunteer driver age/senior driver requirements, BoD nomination process, a disclosure policy and a medical emergency/critical incident policy.

In addition to his time, Joe has been very generous with his treasure. He has supported months of advertising in four local Catholic parish bulletins, which has brought inquiries from potential riders and drivers. Joe has accomplished all this on top of being a dedicated volunteer driver at least two times a week. Since he delivered his initial ride on the first day of ITNBluegrass‘ soft start in July 2008, he has logged 1,411 occupied miles! Joe’s strong passion for helping others and his commitment to the future of ITNBluegrass clearly shows through his hard work and dedication to the organization.

Joe’s diverse work experience and community involvement make him the perfect fit for ITNBluegrass. Before he retired, Joe was a weapon systems cost analyst and later, a general contractor (home building). Prior to civilian life, Joe served for 27 years as an officer in the United States Air Force. During his military career, he logged over 5,000 flight hours, worked in the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, and obtained the rank of colonel. He has also been very involved in the local community, holding leadership positions in several organizations.

Like her husband, Joe, Chandra Jarboe is a wonderful addition to ITNBluegrass. She is visually impaired and became interested in our organization through a presentation at a Support Sight meeting. Chandra states, “ITN has returned to me a measure of independence that I had lost due to visual impairment. It is my hope that my long time experience in various nursing venues will be an asset to ITN in its quest to provide a quality service to this community.” While Chandra participates as an ITNBluegrass member-rider, she also serves on the Board of Directors and offers valuable, practical advice to the organization. She is Board Secretary and chairs the Nominating Committee. She also lent her expertise in developing our medical emergency/critical incident policy, and has taken on a new project of helping spread the word about our Community Rides program to local churches. Chandra’s commitment and enthusiasm has helped the growth of our organization in tremendous ways.

Chandra has a long history of helping others and community involvement. While Joe served in the military, Chandra was the Protocol Assistant to the Ambassador at the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. In addition, she has worked in various nursing positions including head nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and instructor of cardiology and urology at St. Francis Xavier School. Along with a successful career, Chandra has extensive volunteer experience including instructor of pre-natal classes at the United States Air Force Academy Hospital and school clinic volunteer at several schools.

We owe many thanks to both of these individuals for their loyalty and dedication to ITNBluegrass. Our organization would not be as successful without their hard work, strong passion for helping others, and their positive outlook for the future. We proudly nominate this strong partnership as a candidate for the Volunteer of the Year Award.

ITNBluegrass Becomes “Early Adopter” of

December 29, 2010

With your support, we have provided nearly 9,000 rides in Fayette County since we gave our first ride in September 2008!  We are taking people 60+ and adults with visual impairments where they need to go when they want to go!

If you haven’t already, please consider a gift to ITNBluegrass in the remaining days of 2010.  We are pleased to be an “Early Adopter” of, a new initiative of the Blue Grass Community Foundation where potential donors may view extensive portraits of their favorite local charities/nonprofits to make wise giving decisions.  There are at least 75 completed portraits; simply click on the green icon above to view ours.  From there you can donate safely and quickly.

Even if you don’t give to ITNBluegrass, supporting other area nonprofits makes the whole community stronger!  And it only takes a couple of minutes!

For more information about our ride service or to find out the benefits of being a volunteer driver, please call 859-252-8665 or email us at  You may also visit our website at

Thank you!

ITNBluegrass Fall 2010 Newsletter

November 4, 2010

Click here to read ITNBluegrass Fall 2010 newsletter.

Look What’s Happening at ITN!

September 16, 2010

Our family of affiliates has been busy preparing and holding events all summer long, and we’re not slowing down this fall! See our latest e-Postcard for updates and events.

ITNBluegrass Volunteer Driver Trainings

September 9, 2010

Fall is nearly here and fall always reminds me of new beginnings, even with the leaves falling and the Earth preparing for winter. Perhaps it’s from all those years of school! And even though April is National Volunteer Month, I like to think that many of us consider new opportunities in September. If this is you, too, please consider volunteer driving for ITNBluegrass! I promise you that it will enrich your life greatly.

Our service is growing quickly, and we really need drivers. In August, we gave 520 rides and have given more than 7,000 since we started operations in September 2008 (there’s that month again)!

Please register to attend a training to see what this very rewarding volunteer opportunity is all about; the training is less than two hours, and we really could use you. The number of rides you end up doing is up to you. We are very flexible and understand that people have different amounts of time they can give!

At the training, you’ll also hear about our driver benefits, which include a free ITNBluegrass membership to give to someone plus options on what to do with your mileage. The best benefit, though, is the good feeling you’ll get by helping others remain active and independent.

Most of our rides are M-F during the day, but a growing number of customers are scheduling weekend and evening rides, so we can really use you no matter what your schedule is like!

Below is a list of upcoming Volunteer Driver trainings for September and October. As always, I can schedule others if these days/times don’t work for you. If you know someone who might enjoy this type of volunteer opportunity*, please forward this post to him/her.

Thank you!


Laura Dake
Deputy Director


A list of session times is available our website.

All trainings are in the conference room at the ITNBluegrass office, which is located at 1206 N Limestone Street, in Arlington Christian Church.  Parking is in the back of the church.

Please call Laura at 859.252.8665 to ask questions or to say you’ll attend.  (Attending a training session does not obligate you to drive.)

Qualifications sought for volunteer drivers:

1. Valid KY driver’s license and three years driving experience.
2. Acceptable record of safe driving and clean criminal history check.
3. Proof of liability insurance for vehicle and current registration.
4. Personal references from three non-relatives.
5. Not taking drugs/medications that caution users against driving.
6. Ability to lift wheelchairs and walkers, and carry packages up to 25 lbs.

ITNBluegrass Delivers its 5,000th Ride!

May 5, 2010

Since opening their car doors in 2008, ITNBluegrass celebrated its 5,000th ride on April 28, 2010, at 10:30 am. The ride was given to member Virgie Hiles by volunteer driver Jim Tincher. He drove to her to an eye doctor appointment. The two are considered regulars at ITNBluegrass; Hiles rides 4-6 times a week and Tincher attended the very first volunteer driver training held in 2008.

The 5,000th ride is a wonderful milestone for ITNBluegrass, but the staff recognizes the importance of every ride. Whether it is the 5,000th ride or 4,999th ride (delivered by Donna Baker) or the 5,001st ride (delivered by Richard Myers), every single ride is equally important.

April was a record month for ITNBluegrassin other ways, as well. Since 2008, records were broken in the total number of rides given, the number of unique riders, and number of unique volunteers. ITNBluegrass is grateful for all of its volunteers and member riders. These members of the community are helping ITNBluegrass charge full speed towards their next 5,000 rides.