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Foundation Fighting Blindness president supports ITN Southern Delaware efforts

November 11, 2016

Heather Napolitano, president of the Philadelphia Chapter for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, stopped by the Fourth Annual LIVE Conference in Georgetown Oct. 19 to show her support for ITN Southern Delaware’s efforts to provide transportation for seniors and adults with visual impairments in Sussex County. The urgent mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness is to drive the research that will provide preventions, treatments and cures for people affected by retinal degenerative diseases.

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ITNMontereyCounty was honored to be interviewed on Brickman Banter

October 6, 2016

ITNMontereyCounty was honored to be interviewed on Brickman Banter. To reach the ITNMontereyCounty portion of the interview please begin about 30 minutes in.

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Northampton Press: Transportation service created for independent seniors

September 1, 2016
Lois Favier, executive director of ITNLehighValley (Independent Transportation Network), hosted a 10,000 Ride Celebration in January for drivers and riders to get together and celebrate this service.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Lois Favier, executive director of ITNLehighValley (Independent Transportation Network), hosted a 10,000 Ride Celebration in January for drivers and riders to get together and celebrate this service. ITNLehighValley is a national nonprofit transportation service for senior citizens and visually impaired adults in the Lehigh Valley.

Lois Favier moved back to the Lehigh Valley several years ago to be on hand and closer to help her elderly parents. Favier, like many other adult children of seniors, was concerned with her parents driving on their own to appointments, errands and leisure activities. After sharing this concern with others, she learned, aside from herself providing transportation or the use of public transit, there were not a lot of options for her parents to utilize, while still feeling a sense of independence, safety and affordability. Favier started looking into creating a nonprofit affiliate of ITNAmerica (Independent Transportation Network) for the Lehigh Valley and began putting the wheels in motion for making this dream a reality.

Favier approached the national organization in Maine on how to go about establishing an affiliate. She conducted a demographic study of the local area and determined this would be successful in the Lehigh Valley.

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The Californian: Nonprofit provides rides for seniors

August 22, 2016
Doris Beach, left, celebrates the (ITN) Independent Transportation Network/Monterey County by taking the 25,000th ride.

Doris Beach, left, celebrates the (ITN) Independent Transportation Network/Monterey County by taking the 25,000th ride. Executive Director of ITN in Monterey County Aimee Cuda stands with her. (Photo: Laureen Diephof/For The Salinas Californian)

Transportation is a key ingredient to help insure that Monterey County senior citizens maintain their independence. On Aug.5, BMW Manager Paul Giovino hosted the 25,000th ride of ITN Monterey with Executive Director of ITN Aimee Cuda at his dealership in the Seaside Auto Mall.

Independent Transportation Network/Monterey County (ITN) strives to meet the Monterey County seniors’ needs and those efforts were celebrated on Aug. 5 at the BMW Seaside location. BMW Manager Paul Giovino provided the space to hold the celebration.

In the tradition and the requirement of ITN’s program, Beach was picked up at her door and taken to the door of her destination, Seaside.

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Seaside Post News-Sentinel: Jeff Craig, Volunteer Driver For ITN Monterey County

August 10, 2016
Jeff Craig, Volunteer Driver for ITN Monterey County

Jeff Craig, Volunteer Driver for ITN Monterey County

This unique service is not only about transportation but building friendships and helping to keep independence for seniors and the visually impaired. You can become a member completing an online application or download and mail on to us.

Recently, ITNMontereyCounty had a member sign on who needed the service only for a couple of months while he recovered from open heart surgery.

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The Carmel Pine Cone: Marriage, work or volunteering, he’s in it for the long haul

August 5, 2016
Jeff Craig, seen here with his wife of 47 years, Carolyn, is a perennial volunteer for several Peninsula organizations.

Jeff Craig, seen here with his wife of 47 years, Carolyn, is a perennial volunteer for several Peninsula organizations. PHOTO/RANDY TUNNELL

HE’S GIVEN 3,500 rides to people over the last four years, but he’s not a cabbie, nor is he an Uber kind of guy. Jeff Craig is a volunteer with ITN Monterey County — the Independent Transportation Network — which helps seniors and those with vision problems with low-cost rides.

Craig said volunteer drivers use their own cars and the service, which is operated on a membership basis, is available on-demand or by pre-planned appointment. Seniors frequently use it for medical visits, but they can use it for anything else, like visiting the grocery store or taking classes at MPC. Craig said the second-most-popular destination is the beauty salon. He’s been driving for the nonprofit since 2012 and is currently the chair of its board.

There are more than 50 volunteers and 300 member-riders, and Craig said they give an average of 50 rides a day, most of them less than four or five miles. The bulk of the rides occur Monday through Friday.

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Monterey County Weekly: 25,000th Ride Celebration at BMW of Monterey

August 5, 2016
25,000th Ride Celebration at BMW Monterey

25,000th Ride Celebration at BMW Monterey

ITN Monterey County provides rides to seniors 24-hours a day, 7-days a week in nearly every community in the county. To date, their volunteers have given over 25,000 safe passages to our elderly citizens who have age-related issues that don’t allow them to drive safely. Congressman Sam Farr and other local elected officials come to BMW of Monterey to join ITN, some party-minded seniors and snacks from Eddison & Melrose Tea Room to mark the milestone. ITN receives zero public funding and depends on donations and good people to keep this vital service running.

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Delaware Beach Life: The Unstoppable Nancy Feichtl – Ride-sharing service is just the latest endeavor for this community-minded dynamo

July 13, 2016

Nancy Feichtl has focused her enthusiasm and lifelong desire to help others on senior citizens, creating a transportation service to help them get to medical appointments and other places.

Nancy is someone you could write a book about. She’s larger than life. And irrepressible:’ says Rehoboth Beach poet Sherry Chappelle about her friend Nancy Feichtl. lt’s that Energizer Bunny enthusiasm, combined with twinkle-in-the-eye humor charm and charisma, that help explain Feichtl’s special gifts and accomplishments: For more than 3 1/2 decades, she has performed count­less good works that range far, and wide, and deep.

Indeed, the roots of her community involvement reach back even further. In the late 1960s, Feichtl (pronounced Fike-tell) began her career as an English teacher at Sussex Central High in Georgetown, later transferring to Indian River High School in Dagsboro (local politicians Pete Schwartzkopf, Ruth Briggs King, and Ron Gray were among her students). A decade passed and she moved into administrative roles, becoming the principal of both Woodbridge and Shields elementary schools. Next, as director of instruction and special education for the Cape Henlopen district, she formalized pro­grams for at-risk and special-needs students, before heading the private Jef­ferson School in Georgetown. Feichtl accomplished all this while earning her master’s degree from Salisbury State Uni­versity, her doctorate in education from the University of Maryland, and serving on the executive boards of nearly two dozen cultural and education-related organizations – from Clear Space The­atre Company to the Delaware Associa­tion of School Administrators.

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ITNLehighValley’s Lois Favier on Take Charge of Your Life

July 4, 2016

Lois Favier, Executive Director of ITNLehighValley – Independent Transportation Network, joins host Eleanor Bobrow to discuss providing transportation services to seniors and the visually impaired. This important service helps them maintain their independence.

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Age-Friendly Maine News: ITNCountry and Age Friendly Communities in Maine

June 15, 2016

ITNCountry and Age Friendly Communities in MaineFor more than 20 years, the Independent Transportation Network has provided door-through-door and arm-through-arm transportation for older people and people with visual impairments in the Greater Portland area. Using both paid and volunteer drivers, ITN provides rides 24/7 in private automobiles, and it is does not rely on taxpayer dollars. Some ITN members have used the service from more than 18 years. Although 40 percent of rides are for healthcare, ITN takes people to work, to shopping and to the hairdresser. Members even use the service to take pets to the veterinarian or to go on dates.

Maine has almost 500 municipalities, so over the years, many communities have reached out to ITN to expand service to their older or visually impaired residents. Until now, ITN always had to say “sorry.” Now there may be a way to offer ITN’s innovative programs to communities of every size, in Maine and other states.

The new approach is called ITNCountry and ITN’s founder, Katherine Freund, is already working with several small and rural communities in Maine, as well as one each in Pennsylvania, Vermont and Arizona, to develop the new rural model.

There are several proposed differences between the original ITN and the rural model. The original is an entirely separate non-profit organization, but ITNCountry can be a program within another organization. The original ITN guarantees a ride 24/7 for any purpose, while ITNCountry service parameters will be established by the local communities. Because it is practically impossible to guarantee a ride 24/7 with no paid staff, the original ITN has both paid and volunteer drivers and staff. But small, rural communities often run on little or no paid staff, so ITNCountry will be designed to run with only volunteers, if that is what the community chooses to do. Another proposed difference will be how ITNCountry communities learn how to run the service. ITN will build a large on-line learning community where all of ITN’s innovative programs are taught and supported.

With all of these differences, what is proposed to stay the same? The important stuff—all of ITN’s award winning programs, like CarTrade, Transportation Social Security, Ride & Shop, Healthy Miles, Ride Services, and Personal Transportation Accounts. In these programs, older people may trade the cars they can no longer drive to cover the cost of their rides, or volunteers may earn credits for their volunteer effort and bank them to plan for their own future needs. An adult child may volunteer in Bowdoinham and send her volunteer credits to a parent who lives in Bethel, where an ITNCountry volunteer will drive her mother, father or grandparent. Merchants and healthcare providers can help pay for rides through Ride & Shop or Healthy Miles and everything, all of these programs, are built into the software. Best of all, the software will connect every participating community through one information system, across the State of Maine.

If you or your community would like to learn more or participate in ITNCountry, please contact Katherine at or call 207-591-6926.