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This Father’s Day, Liberty Mutual Insurance Encourages Drivers to Take Time to Look Out for Dad’s Safety Behind the Wheel

June 10, 2011

Father’s Day is a time for many of us to visit our Dad and let him know how much he means to us. And if your father is a senior citizen, it’s also a time to take a closer look at his health and comfort to see if there’s any way to improve his overall well-being.

Liberty Mutual Insurance, the eighth largest auto and home insurer in the U.S., believes that should include looking for some of the telltale signs of whether Dad is having difficulty driving.

To offer driving alternatives to seniors, Liberty Mutual partnered with ITNAmerica, the first and only national, non-profit transportation network for America’s aging population.

Read more about Liberty Mutual and the ITNAmerica partnership.

ITNAmerica Joins Liberty Mutual’s National Conversation Drive in New York’s Grand Central Station

November 4, 2010

Dateline November 4, Grand Central Station, New York City — ITNAmerica will join our national insurance partner, Liberty Mutual, for another National Conversation Drive, similar to the event held in Chicago’s Millennium Park, September 21st.

Part of Liberty Mutual’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness about transportation safety for older Americans, the “National Conversation Drive” seeks adult children of senior drivers to educate them about the mobility challenges faced by their parents and encourages them to talk about driving safety and transportation alternatives. The day-long drive will be held in Grand Central Station, New York City. The Liberty Mutual booth will feature tasks on computer simulators to help visitors experience first-hand the challenges older drivers face.

As part of the National Conversation Drive, Liberty Mutual developed a computer game to educate players about the difficulties that an older driver may experience. You can play the same game online at

Click to Donate $10 to ITN on the Liberty Mutual Website!

From now until the the end of the year, when you visit and click on National Conversation Drive and take the pledge to have a conversation about safe driving and alternative transportation with someone you love, Liberty Mutual will donate the average fare for a ride to ITNAmerica and our affiliate communities in support of dignified transportation for seniors.

Senior Driving – How Old is Too Old to Drive? Alternative Mobility Solutions for Seniors

October 24, 2010

Liberty Mutual Solutions has partnered with ITNAmerica to launch the “Take the Pledge” campaign. Read more about the program at Gather.

ITNAmerica Joins Liberty Mutual’s National Conversation Drive in Chicago’s Millennium Park

September 21, 2010

On September 21st, Liberty Mutual holds an event called “National Conversation Drive” in downtown Chicago.

The event is designed to get adult children of senior drivers to “have the conversation” with their aging loved ones about safe driving behavior and transportation alternatives. It is Liberty Mutual Insurance’s latest effort in its ongoing campaign to raise awareness and support the issues around senior driving and senior transportation.

Throughout the event, participants will engage with interactive tools (e.g. the senior simulator suit) that prepare them to start the sensitive conversation, as well as be introduced to alternative transportation options through ITNAmerica.  The participants can “pledge” (or commit) to have this conversation online at  For every conversation pledged, Liberty Mutual Insurance will donate the cost of a ride to help fund alternative senior transportation through ITNAmerica. To find out more about “National Conversation Drive”, please go to

Liberty Mutual lets reporters see (and feel) the future

November 19, 2009

Do you ever wish you could get the chance to see what life in the future might be like, even if just for a few minutes? Liberty Mutual hosted an event at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego November 17, which was a tremendous success,  and gave reporters the chance to fast-forward their biological clocks–temporarily of course–to see what kinds of physical and cognitive restrictions many drivers over the age of 65 deal with every day.

Local news reporters tested out Liberty Mutual’s 25-pound ‘aging-driver’ suit in an attempt to promote senior transportation across the country.  Click below to see what local San Diego newscasters had to say.

Fox News 5 (KSWB)

ABC News 10 Live (KGTV)

KUSI News at 10 (KUSI)

CBS News 8 (KFMB)

Transportation Reporter Goes for Humbling, Uncomfortable Ride

November 18, 2009

Chris Nichols, North County Times

SAN DIEGO– Frustrated. Humbled. Helpless.

That’s how I felt Tuesday as I strained to find a bright-orange cone in my rearview mirror, strapped inside a 25-pound ‘aging-driver’ suit, with neck and knee braces fastened to my frame.

I was taking part in Liberty Mutual’s “Driver Seat Game,” held on a closed course at Qualcomm Stadium’s parking lot —- the place my dad taught me how to drive as a teenager about 15 years ago.

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Drivers Simulate Being Elderly

November 13, 2009


LEXINGTON– As the first wave of baby boomers gets older, more and more elderly people are driving.

With elderly drivers on the increase, a workshop was held today in Lexington where reporters suited up in a weighted suit that simulated fatigue and the effects of aging on the body.

Driving on a closed course became very difficult, as reaction times were slower, and mobility was impeded.

Liberty Mutual Insurance hosted the event, and their goal was to increase awareness about these safety concerns. Dave Melton, the Industry Director of Transportation for Liberty, had a few great suggestions.

“Instead of driving a parent around or an older friend, let them drive and observe how they drive. Are they driving too far apart or behind the vehicle in front of them? Are they driving too slowly? Are they taking turns very wide?”

There are alternative ways to get around for those who shouldn’t drive, such as services provided by non profit groups like ITNBluegrass.

You can learn more about ITNBluegrass by following this link:

To play an online game that simulates the driving experience for an elderly person, you can follow this link:

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Liberty Mutual survey shows baby boomers reluctant to speak to aging parents about their driving, but that seniors are willing to talk

July 20, 2009

“Families should be having conversations now – before an incident occurs – with aging relatives about how to best map out transportation solutions that maintain their independence and dignity, yet keep them safe.” said Greg Gordon, senior vice president of Consumer Marketing at Liberty Mutual.

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Should seniors re-take driver’s test?

June 24, 2009

Paul Briand, Baby Boomer Examiner

Baby Boomers face a dilemma about their elderly parents that they’ll ultimately face themselves: Should they be required at some point to re-take a driver’s test to prove their proficiency behind the wheel?

Liberty Mutual, the insurance giant, is getting involved in the discussion by offering an online driving test, meant to simulate some of the challenges that elderly drivers face when they’re out on the road.

It’s called the Driver’s Seat game and can be road tested here. It’s offered as a resource by Liberty Mutual for Baby Boomers and their parents.

“The Driver Seat Game is a great conversation starter,” Greg Gordon, senior vice president of Consumer Marketing at Liberty Mutual, said in a statement. “Most families are simply not addressing the very important issue of senior mobility, perhaps because they feel ill-equipped on how to approach it.”

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Too Old To Drive? When It’s Time To Surrender The Keys

June 23, 2009


BOSTON — Genevieve Priest is 89-years-old and still has her driver’s license, but says she has mostly given up driving. She travels with a tank of oxygen connected to a tube in her nose, and she does not feel as strong as she used to.

“Well, I have a breathing problem, I don’t have the energy I had before, and my eyes are not as good as they used to be,” Priest says. “I would drive today if I had to, but I prefer not to.”

She still comes, though, to this weekly quilting group at the Belmont Senior Center. She usually gets dropped off by her husband, who is still driving at age 91.

“He’s been a tremendous good driver,” Priest says, “but lately we’re getting a little nervous about him driving because he doesn’t seem to have the confidence.”

A handful of recent high-profile car accidents involving elderly drivers has state lawmakers considering legislation that would require extra testing for older drivers. Supporters of the proposed new laws say people over a certain age are unsafe behind the wheel.

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