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ITNAmerica Crosses the 500,000 Ride Milestone

March 5, 2013

The first national, non-profit transportation service for the aging population will reach the half-million ride mark Monday, March 4, at one of ITNAmerica’s 23 ITN affiliates in 18 states.

Local affiliate, ITNStCharles began providing rides in April 2010 and is nearing the 10,000 mark for St. Charles County residents.

“Our customers feel safe and secure with our drivers, and so many friendships have blossomed between our volunteer drivers and our customers,” said Susan Kallash-Bailey, Executive Director.

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Gerontologist joins ITN America’s research panel

January 20, 2012

Ensuring safe mobility for older residents is something Tom Meuser is very passionate about, so having the opportunity to serve on a panel of researchers for an organization dedicated to the same mission is a perfect fit.

Meuser, director of the Gerontology Graduate Program at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, has been appointed to Independent Transportation Network America’s Research Group. ITN America is a door-through-door transportation service with affiliate branches all over the United States. Members receive dignified transportation in private cars as opposed to senior buses and vans which carry a certain stigma. The local affiliate, ITN St. Charles, was established in 2006.

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ITNStCharles Keeping Seniors Mobile

September 7, 2011

According to a recent study by the Independent Transportation Network (ITN), Americans may outlive
their ability to drive safely by six to ten years. Many older adults don’t recognize the changes in their driving skills until it is too late. They want to maintain the freedom, flexibility and independence that operating their own vehicle affords. But, sadly, some become safety statistics before they realize that they should
have made changes in their driving habits sooner rather than later. Americans are living longer and there will continue to be more issues dealing with transportation for seniors. So, what are the safe alternatives when a senior has to give up their vehicle?

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Katherine’s 24-Hour Walk for Rides

April 19, 2010

When: Noon, June 18 – Noon, June 19
Where: Portland ME, Back Cove, along Baxter Boulevard

Less than a decade after the very first Walk for Rides™ fundraising event, Katherine Freund is embarking on a 24-hour, round-the-clock walk, in support of ITNAmerica and all affiliates. The walk is around Back Cove in Portland, Maine on June 18-19. Katherine will be traveling around the country gathering support for her walk. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, representing the 1st District of Maine, will join Katherine on June 18 to show her support for ITNAmerica and senior transportation.
If you are interested in walking with Katherine, please sign up on our website. You can register online to walk as part of Katherine’s team, and then share your page with friends and family asking them to sponsor your walk. If you can’t be with Katherine to walk in Maine, register as an individual to walk in your community. You can also promote your page on Facebook and Twitter to let more people know about Katherine’s 24-hour walk. Anyone, anywhere in the country can walk to support ITNAmerica in our Walk for Rides.

National Foundation Extends Funds for Innovative ITNAmerica® Program

February 22, 2010

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Internship Program a Model for Success

WESTBROOK ME – A generous grant from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has enabled ITNAmerica to expand its successful internship program supporting sustainable transportation resources for seniors across the country.

“The initial funding for this innovative project yielded such successful outcomes we’re doing it again,” says Katherine Freund, President and Founder of ITNAmerica. “With the Foundation’s funding of nine interns in affiliate communities across the country, we raised awareness about our services while also raising significantly more money than we spent.”

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has supported the needs of low-income seniors for over 50 years. The Foundation’s 2009 grant to ITNAmerica enabled participating affiliates to generate more than $130,000 in revenue, with $20,000 of that money reserved for ITN®’s Road Scholarship Program™ for low-income seniors. In this way, the grant helped build community support for senior mobility, enabled access for all seniors, and ensured the special needs of low income seniors were not forgotten.

“The interns helped us build support that will continue to generate funds year after year,” says Freund. “With as many as 20 interns in affiliate communities across the country in 2010, we anticipate even greater success with what has now become The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Internship Program. This support will expand our commitment to more transportation resources for more people in more places.”

A Model for Sustainably Senior Mobility: ITNStCharles

September 18, 2009

On Sept. 18, 2009, Executive Director Sherry Hartz will present, “A Model for Sustainably Senior Mobility: ITNStCharles.”

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New service takes the wheel for seniors

August 16, 2009


Without other options, older drivers tend to keep driving longer than is safe.

By contrast, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found, people who have choices might reduce their driving or stop driving at an earlier age.

Enter Sherry Hartz and ITNStCharles, a service that will provide safe transportation to seniors and visually impaired St. Charles County residents starting this fall.

During a recent visit to the St. Charles Senior Center, an elderly woman took Hartz aside and told her that her daughter had taken her car keys and that the ride program was just what she was looking for.

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Ride network caters to county seniors

July 21, 2009

Kalen Ponche, Suburban Journals

Sherry Hartz knew that at 85 her mother probably shouldn’t be driving anymore, but with a full-time job, Hartz couldn’t always be there to take her mother where she needed to go. At that time, Hartz was a social worker with St. Louis County. In May, she became executive director of the Independent Transportation Network St. Charles, a nonprofit organization that offers rides to seniors and the visually disabled at a reduced rate.

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Groups work to start transportation service. One project moving faster than the other

December 27, 2008

Jami Defenbaugh, Suburban Journals, St. Louis Metropolitan Area

Organizers are driving ahead with plans for two new transportation systems in St. Charles County, though one is moving faster than the other.

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