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December 14, 2015
Thanks to volunteer driver Cathy Taylor, ITN Southern Delaware's first official ride went off without a hitch.

Shown are ITN Southern Delaware co-op member Jack Refsnider, left, and volunteer driver Catherine Taylor.

Thanks to volunteer driver Cathy Taylor, ITN Southern Delaware’s first official ride went off without a hitch.

Taylor picked up Jack Refsnider at his Rehoboth home for a scheduled appointment Dec. 2. She also volunteered to bring him back home.

Taylor said, “Jack loves American history, so an interesting conversation was had!” Refsnider said next time he needs a ride, he hopes Taylor will be his driver. She assured him that all the volunteers are wonderful people, but if she is available she would love to drive him again.

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November 18, 2015
‘ITNSouthernDelaware co-op member trades car for credit toward ride services

Member Carol DeCatur, left, has donated her car to ITNSouthernDelaware. Shown with her is Pete Renzi, director of operations for i.g. Burton.

When Carol DeCatur found out she could trade the value of her car for credit toward future ride services, she immediately called ITNSouthernDelaware. Although DeCatur still drives, she said, “Two cars in the garage is one too many!”

In exchange for her 1993 Chrysler LeBaron, she will receive the highest local value of her car deposited into her personal transportation account as mileage credits for future use.

A car remaining unused in the garage still costs money. Registration and inspection fees, insurance, and maintenance costs can mount up to as much as $8,000 a year. ITN’s trademarked CarTrade program allows a person to trade a car for mileage credit in a member’s rides account, or to donate the car outright for tax purposes. Both programs are especially popular during the holiday giving season. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and even RVs can be donated through the CarTrade program.

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October 13, 2015

ITNSouthernDelaware is proud to recognize Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. as a corporate sponsor committed to helping raise awareness of the challenges associated with low vision, vision impairment, senior mobility issues, and the shortage of locally-available transportation options for seniors.

One way Regeneron is assisting ITN is by sponsoring ITNSouthernDelaware‘s provision of funding for transportation to and from medical eye care services for all ITN riders. This means that members who need transportation to or from an eye appointment or eye procedure will have their rides funded by Regeneron!

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Sussex County Post: ‘Reliable, dignified’ senior transportation network on the launching pad

August 17, 2015
‘Reliable, dignified’ senior transportation network on the launching pad

Nancy Feichtl outlines launching plans for iTNSouthernDelaware that will provide affordable, dependable transportation for members 55 years of age and over.

GEORGETOWN – A private-sector, non-profit transportation solution for Sussex County’s aging seniors who cannot or no longer want to drive is on the launching pad.

Memberships and volunteer drivers are the month of August focus as iTNSouthernDelaware gears up for a September 2015 launch of its ride program for seniors 55 and over.

“We have happily become an affiliate of iTN (Independent Transportation Network) America,” said Nancy Feichtl, founder of iTNSouthernDelaware, in an update to Sussex County Council Tuesday. “We became an affiliate with the only nationwide senior transportation cooperative.”

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Delaware 105.9FM: Transportation Group Launching Soon in Sussex County

August 13, 2015

The Sussex County senior transportation cooperative is merging with a national organization.

Nancy Feichtl is the director of the Sussex Senior Transportation Cooperative, which provides volunteer-based transportation for senior citizens in the county. She tells the county council on Tuesday that the group is now an affiliate with ITNAmerica.

The national organization has been in business for 20 years and has Congressional approval. ITNSouthernDelaware will launch phase 1 in August, along the beach side of the county. A countywide launch is scheduled in September.

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WRDE Coast TV: New Transportation for Seniors

July 29, 2015

(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) – The Independent Transportation Network, ITN, company is in 27 states across the country and now it’s coming to Delaware.

All thanks to Sussex County native, Nancy Feichtl who spearheaded the idea.

“We’ll take you to the doctor’s office, the grocery store, get your hair done, take your dog to the vet, go to the movies, even if you want to go to the bar and watch the football game,” explained Feichtl.

The network provides transportation to senior citizens over the age of 65 and adults who are visually impaired.

The network already has sparked an interest with some middle-aged children.

“They won’t have to take off work, they just have to make sure that their parents’ accounts are active so they can get where they need to go,” said Feichtl.

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July 28, 2015
Network offers senior transportation options

Nancy Feichtl, known for her active volunteer lifestyle, has helped spearhead a senior citizens transportation cooperative.

For a growing number of Sussex County seniors, finding reliable transportation has become a pressing problem. As more older residents realize it’s time to give up their driving licenses, the problem is only compounded.

One local senior citizen has taken the issue to heart. Thanks in great part to Nancy Feichtl’s efforts, this fall Sussex seniors as well as adults who are visually impaired will have a new transportation cooperative providing door-to-door service.

Based on the national nonprofit Independent Transportation Network model, ITNSouthernDelaware is set to kick off Phase 1 in September for seniors on the eastern side of Sussex County.

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Senior Transportation Cooperative to Start in Delaware

October 21, 2013

Seniors in Sussex County, Delaware may have a new way to get to doctors’ appointments and the grocery store. A small group is organizing to develop a senior transportation cooperative, to be called ITNSouthernDelaware, based on the volunteer-driven, nonprofit business model developed by ITNAmerica.

ITNAmerica, based out of Westbrook, Maine, bills itself as a “transportation solution for America’s aging population.” It provides a franchise-like template to affiliates across the United States that includes a business plan and timeline, budget models and consulting in the areas of staff development and fundraising, custom-built ITNRides software, setup of a website and email, marketing support, and training—everything the founding board members in Delaware might need.

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