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National Foundation Extends Funds for Innovative ITNAmerica® Program

February 22, 2010

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Internship Program a Model for Success

WESTBROOK ME – A generous grant from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has enabled ITNAmerica to expand its successful internship program supporting sustainable transportation resources for seniors across the country.

“The initial funding for this innovative project yielded such successful outcomes we’re doing it again,” says Katherine Freund, President and Founder of ITNAmerica. “With the Foundation’s funding of nine interns in affiliate communities across the country, we raised awareness about our services while also raising significantly more money than we spent.”

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has supported the needs of low-income seniors for over 50 years. The Foundation’s 2009 grant to ITNAmerica enabled participating affiliates to generate more than $130,000 in revenue, with $20,000 of that money reserved for ITN®’s Road Scholarship Program™ for low-income seniors. In this way, the grant helped build community support for senior mobility, enabled access for all seniors, and ensured the special needs of low income seniors were not forgotten.

“The interns helped us build support that will continue to generate funds year after year,” says Freund. “With as many as 20 interns in affiliate communities across the country in 2010, we anticipate even greater success with what has now become The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Internship Program. This support will expand our commitment to more transportation resources for more people in more places.”

February Promotion: Love to Share a Ride

February 9, 2010

5 Steps to cut your Ride Cost by 15% while sharing your love of ITNOrlando:
If you have friends that would love to try ITNOrlando now is the best time!

  • Share a ride with a friend, a wonderful way to gain independence.
  • In the month of February invite a friend to ride along with you on one of your rides and your friend will ride for free.
  • Call ITNOrlando at 407-228-7761 to schedule a pick-up.
  • For each of your friends that join you will receive a $5.00 referral credit.
  • Every time you and any of your friends who are members share a ride you both will receive a 15% discount.

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ITNOrlando™ mentioned on

January 11, 2010

With start-up assistance from the Winter Park Health Foundation and administrative support from the Senior Resource Alliance, ITN for Central Florida was established in fall 2006. The program was later developed into a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization known as ITNOrlando™. The program is operating to offer door-through-door, arm-through-arm, dignified transportation service to seniors and adults with visual impairments, and peace of mind to their families.

ITN service is available in Eatonville, Maitland, Winter Park and a number of adjacent neighborhoods. Its service area will grow with additional volunteers and private resources. Eventually, the ITN could expand throughout Central Florida.

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ABC Showcases ITN in Program about Volunteerism

December 2, 2009

ITN’s efforts to keep seniors in the front seat of their cars—and their lives—has caught the attention of families, seniors and news stations all across the country, most recently ABC. This short segment by ABC productions is part of ABC’s volunteerism campaign called ‘imagiNATION: A Better Community.’ The campaign seeks out organizations that make a difference in their communities and recognizes them on their website.

Member rider Ruth Combs believes that reaching a certain age should not limit the quality of one’s life. This philosophy is what drives the Independent Transportation Network, and is what helps to inspire people across the country to get involved with ITN. ABC paid a visit to members and staff at ITNOrlando™ to highlight and promote volunteerism in all ITN affiliate locations. The segment includes interviews with members, volunteers and staff at ITNOrlando as well as ITNAmerica Executive Director Katherine Freund. Contact your local ITN affiliate to find out how you can get involved!

Annual Retreat a great success

October 28, 2009

ITNAmerica hosted the annual Affiliate Retreat at the national offices in Westbrook, Maine, October 22-23, 2009. Board members, staff and volunteers from across the nation attended to learn about sustainability, fundraising, insurance, volunteer management, and more. Sessions were led by ITNAmerica staff, as well as presenters from affiliates sharing lessons from their unique communities. ITNAmerica currently has 14 affiliates.

Terry Brown of ITNCharlestonTrident received the National Max & Helen Israelite Volunteer of the Year Award. Diana Chin of ITNOrlando received the Karl Durgin Memorial Award for Excellence in Operations. Purpose Prize winner and Bonnie CLAC founder Robert Chambers was the keynote speaker.

Why I’m a Volunteer Driver for ITNOrlando

September 3, 2009

As the mother of two small, very active children, I often wonder where the hours in a day go. After the last bedtime story is read, as I tiptoe from my sons’ room while trying not to step on stray Lego blocks, I think about all the things I haven’t accomplished yet. I didn’t pick up the dry cleaning, thank-you notes from the kids’ birthday party last month still aren’t finished, the car’s overdue for an oil change, I’ve got a dozen emails to respond to and I haven’t called my brother in weeks. I can’t even get my spice rack organized, let alone finish the book project I’ve been working on for six months. How could a person like me be of any use to the Independent Transportation Network? What makes me think I could possibly find the time? And why would I want to do it?

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Paid Internship Opportunity

August 4, 2009

ITNOrlando has an exciting Paid College Internship opportunity for an energetic person who wants to make a difference for seniors and people with visual impairment.

The goal of the internship is to help build the organization’s capacity to become sustainable. Community outreach will be the focus, including volunteer recruitment, presentations to local businesses and groups, fundraisers, press releases, website updates and a quarterly newsletter, among other tasks. This is an ideal position for someone looking to gain experience at an innovative nonprofit providing an essential service to the community.


  • Must be a degree candidate at an accredited college or university
  • Enthusiasm for the ITN mission
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong computer skills and a willingness to learn new programs
  • Leadership skills and the ability to work independently
  • Fundraising or event planning experience a plus
  • Marketing or communications experience a plus

Internship positions are available both part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer. Interested applicants should send a resume, cover letter and transcripts: Contact us.

2008 Volunteer of the Year!

October 4, 2008

Mayor Strong and Eleanor

Congratulations to Judy Zogus for receiving the Max and Helen Israelite Volunteer of the Year Award. Judy she has never missed a scheduled day of service while providing over 436 rides and driving over 4500 miles to help seniors in Central Florida. Judy began a lifetime of community service through her faith organization in Chicago before retiring to Orlando and Making ITNOrlando the beneficiary of her generosity. But that is not all.

Although rare, sometimes when drivers arrive to pick up a passenger there is no one home. Schedule changes, confusion or simply forgetfulness are the typical reasons. But the reason was much more serious on March 17, 2008 when Judy went to pick up an 80- year old member. When she didn’t get an answer at the door, Judy became concerned and called the ITN office. A call to the member’s home phone was not answered and a call to her daughter heightened concern. Judy and several neighbors walked around the apartment building to see if anything seemed to be wrong. Emergency 911 was called and when they got into the apartment, they found the member lying on the floor where she had fallen the night before. At the hospital they found no broken bones and this 80- year old has mended fairly well. Drivers are asked to wait 15 minutes, but because Judy Zogus cared enough to call the office, to stick around and make sure she was taken care of, our member is alive and well today.

ITNOrlando is forever grateful for Judy’s generosity, hard work, and dedication. Congratulations Judy!

Winter Park Mayor David Strong provides 5,000th Ride for ITNOrlando

February 28, 2008

When Eleanor Irvine, 88, needs groceries, she simply hops into the car and travels to her neighborhood supermarket. But it’s not her car she hops into because she gave up driving over 30 years ago. Ms. Irvine relies on ITNOrlando.

“Imagine how surprised Ms. Irvine was when the volunteer who picked her up was the Mayor of Winter Park,” said Tom Porter, Executive Director of ITNOrlando. ITNOrlando currently has 20 volunteer drivers who, along with the organization’s paid drivers, provide rides in Winter Park, Maitland, Eatonville, Orlando and surrounding areas. “Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and we hope that others will follow Mayor Strong’s example and be inspired to help.”

Mayor Strong and Eleanor
Winter Park Mayor David Strong provides 5,000th Ride for ITNOrlando

Mayor Strong to Provide 5,000th Ride for ITNOrlando

February 28, 2008

City News

“Imagine how surprised our senior citizen will be when the volunteer who picks them up is the Mayor of Winter Park,” said Tom Porter, Executive Director of ITNOrlando.

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