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Ride service holds Walk for Dignified Rides for Seniors in Enfield

April 19, 2013

ITNNorthCentralConnecticut, a transportation service for seniors and visually-impaired people, is gearing up for its fourth annual “Walk for Dignified Rides for Seniors.” on April 28 at Asnuntuck Community College.

The event is a means of raising funds to help continue providing transportation to medical appointments and other outings, to those who need it.

Walkers will work to get sponsors and donations for the event, in which they will walk around a quarter-mile track.

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Jason Ellsworth, Lifelong East Windsor Resident

April 8, 2013

Jason Ellsworth, an East Windsor resident, who has been blind since birth is the Team Captain of the “Walk for Dignified Rides for Seniors” to be held on Sunday, April 28 at Asnuntuck Community College. The Walk provides much needed funding to insure ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™, continues the commitment to have available dignified transportation for seniors and the visually impaired. Trained drivers, provide rides for any purpose, including medical and hair appointments, errands and lunch or dinner dates.

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Ride service earns $5,000 AT&T grant [ITNNorthCentralCT]

November 29, 2012

The donation from AT&T will help the service publicize the need for more volunteer drivers to help transport its clients.

Since 2009, ITN North Central Connecticut has given more than 14,000 rides and that number is expected to rise.

“Last year, we had about 325 rides a month, and now we’re up to 550 a month,” said executive director Margaret Smith Hale. “It’s growing every day, and we’re just trying to be proactive.”

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ITN North Central Connecticut [ITNNorthCentralCT] ride network plans fund-raising walk

April 19, 2012

A north-central Connecticut ride service for the elderly and visually impaired is marking a major milestone.

Independent Transportation Network’s North Central Connecticut group has offered 10,000 rides to members in its 10-town community since its founding three years ago. The agency is also preparing for its annual fund-raiser, “Walk for Rides,” scheduled for April 28.

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Radio Personality, Brad Davis gives the ITNNorthCentralConnecticut’s 10,000th Ride to Published Author Billie Alban

April 13, 2012

The 10,000th Ride Celebration for ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™ took place on Thursday, April 5 at the Marilyn Michaelson Senior Center in Bloomfield with radio personality Brad Davis behind the wheel. “Today’s seniors are living longer, healthier lives but driving and maintaining an automobile is not always possible, not their best option. I believe that ITNNorthCentralConnecticut is a valuable asset for the region and that seniors are thankful for the service.” Brad Davis told volunteers, member-riders, Deputy Treasurer Jonathan Harris, Representative David Baram and Julia Evans Starr, Executive Director of the State of Connecticut’s Commission on Aging.“These Independent Transportation
Network® Affiliates fill an important need for those seniors and visually impaired adults who want to remain a vital part of our communities. ITN will help people help themselves to remain more independent.”


Karen’s Korner – ITNNorthCentralCT

February 21, 2012

See Margaret Smith-Hale, along with members of her Walk for Rides committee, describe the features and benefits of ITNNorthCentralCT, a proud affiliate of ITNAmerica.

ITNNorthCentralCT is a non-profit, membership based, fee-per-ride transportation alternative for seniors and visually impaired adults. Our volunteer drivers take our members where they want to go, when they want to go. Visit for more information.

To find an affiliate in your community go here:

Nonprofit [ITNNorthCentralConnecticut] transportation provider needs volunteers

December 5, 2011
By Correll Mayo
For the Journal Inquirer

Published: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 12:47 PM EST

EAST WINDSOR- ITN North Central Connecticut Senior Transportation Services is looking for drivers to volunteer their time.

ITN is an independent nonprofit senior transportation service network that has been providing service to area older residents since 2006. Its main goal is to provide older residents and the visually impaired with transportation and to give them some independence without feeling like they’re a burden to others.

The senior population in the state is growing, and by 2030 the population is expected to grow 64 percent, ITN Executive Director Margaret Smith-Hale said.

“We need drivers to keep pace. We’re the only alternative to seniors,” Smith-Hale said.

ITN separates itself from other senior services such as Dial-A-Ride and mini buses, because it provides nonstop service, and rides are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round. Service is provided to individuals who live in Bloomfield, East Granby, East Windsor, Enfield, Granby, Somers, South Windsor, Suffield, Windsor, and Windsor Locks.

This transportation program uses volunteer drivers who provide rides in private vehicles. There are no restrictions on the purpose of rides. Drivers will take members to doctor appointments, lunch dates, and shopping. Drivers take care of members’ every need, such as carrying groceries, packages, folding walkers, and opening doors.

“ITN has given me life again,” member Billie Alban said. “I can do the shopping I need, keep medical appointments, go to lunch with friends.”

“The drivers are wonderful. When necessary they will accompany me into a store to find something I need.” Alban said. “There are no words that describe how important this program has been to help me live my life.”

Volunteers submit to background checks and must provide three references. Volunteers also must be over 18 years old, have a clean driving record, and no criminal record

“Volunteers are critical to the sustainability of the program,” Smith-Hale said.

For more information or to become a member or a volunteer driver, applications are available at

ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™,Alternative Transportation Service for Seniors, Generations celebrate at Family Funday Sunday to raise money and awareness

May 4, 2011

Ethan and Eric Sirard, children of board members Amy-Beth and Tom Sirard of Enfield, show of the faces painted by Annabelle the Clown.

The Annual Family Funday Sunday “funraiser” for ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™ took place on Sunday, May 1st with member-riders, children, grandchildren, volunteers and supporters playing games at the Sports World Bubble in East Windsor.  “We have been proud members of the Board of Directors helping to bring alternative transportation to our seniors and visually impaired adults” said Enfield residents Amy-Beth Sirard (Senior Services Coordinator for the Town of Bloomfield) and Tom Sirard (member of the Board of Education in Enfield).

Magic beyond the ordinary was provided by magician Tom Obrien; face painting by Annabelle the clown; caricatures by Matt Ryan of Free Lunch Studios and a very special concert by the senior chorus from Enfield the Goldtones.  In addition, everyone had a chance in the 75 item tea cup raffle which included two foursomes to the Tradition Gold Club of Windsor, a birthday party and a three month membership at Healthtrex of Enfield.

ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™ offers rides 24/7 to seniors and adults with visual impairments in Bloomfield, East Granby, East Windsor, Enfield, Granby, Somers, South Windsor, Suffield, Windsor and Windsor Locks.   This alternative transportation program uses a combination of volunteer and paid driver who provide rides in private vehicles.  There is no restriction on the purpose of a ride, and help is offered to carry packages, fold walkers, and open doors.  Members enjoy peace of mind knowing that a clean private car and a safe, experienced driver are available to them around the clock, 365 days a year.

Volunteers are needed to keep the program affordable.  Car donations are also needed.  For information call 860-758-7833 or visit

ITNNorthCentralConnecticut Walk for Rides 2011 and “Family Funday Sunday” Sponsorship Opportunities

January 28, 2011

Read about the 2011 Walk for Rides and how becoming a “Family Funday Sunday” sponsor offers several benefits to your business.

Read more at the ITNNorthCentralConnecticut Walk for Rides Site.

ITNNorthCentralConnecticut Needs Volunteer Drivers

December 6, 2010

Volunteer drivers are needed to provide “dignified” rides to seniors and visually impaired persons 2 hours a week. ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™ is now offering volunteers Transportation Social Security™. Volunteer drivers are reimbursed in cash for occupied miles and earn Transportation Social Security™ credits for their unoccupied miles. Margaret Smith Hale, Executive Director ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™, made the request at a recent volunteer recruitment meeting. In her remarks, Ms. Smith Hale said that “volunteers are critical to the sustainability of the program and giving them a vehicle to build up their own transportation account will allow them to plan for the day when they move from the driver’s seat into the passenger seat.” She explained that “the ITNRides™ program is so sophisticated that it can schedule a volunteer for as little as 3 hours a month and can make sure that the time is convenient to the volunteers other activities. Volunteer as you drive to work or drive to church, it is as simple as that.”

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