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ITNMemphis featured on WREG Newschannel 3

October 7, 2019

Bright Spot: Service helps seniors get where they need to go

ITNMemphis Celebrates its 10,000th rider

September 19, 2019

Independent Transportation Network Memphis celebrates its 10,000th rider


ITN Memphis Celebrates The One Millionth Ride In A Special Ceremony

May 22, 2018

By: Courtney Echols
Updated: May 21, 2018 12:22 PM CDT
“MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – A local transportation company celebrated its one millionth ride with a special ceremony.

The Independent Transportation Network Memphis, also known as ITN, gives hundreds of rides every day to seniors across the nation.

In Memphis alone, more than 7,000 rides have been given since December 2014.

Pat Hickman was recognized for his service with a One in a Million Volunteer Award.”

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Driving central to a person’s identity

September 9, 2015

Driving central to a person's identityThe Best Times

“Elderly couples who stop driving face unexpected outcomes,” reports a study in the journal Research on Aging as reported in Aging News Alert.

The ability to drive can be central to a person’s identity and can be an important expression of independence. When the elderly no longer drive, their emotional well-being can decline as a result of being unable to maintain social relationships.

A University of Missouri researcher has found that even if only one member of a couple stops driving, negative consequences result for both the driver and the non-driver.

The decision to stop driving is a major life changing experience and all options for transportation should be made at the time the car keys are given up.

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Drivers are needed for senior rides

September 9, 2015

Independent Transportation Network is now operating in Memphis in a limited service area.

ITNMemphis provides transportation for seniors over 60 and the visually impaired.

More volunteers are needed, ITNMemphis officials said.

The network asks: Do you like to drive? Have spare time?

If you answered yes, then you could be a lifeline to seniors and the visually impaired by:

Driving them in your car wherever and whenever they need to go.

Helping them stay independent and not a burden.

Connecting them to families, friends and activities that bring meaning to their lives.

Making driving safer for everyone.

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Commercial Appeal: ITNMemphis helps seniors be independent

July 31, 2015

ITNMemphis helps seniors be independent

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New Transportation Service For Seniors Available In Memphis

December 12, 2014

Fox13 ITNMemphisYou don’t have to wait until Black Friday to find a deal for the seniors in your life. Fox 13’s Earle Farrell has just the thing.

I-T-N, the Independent Transportation Network is coming to Memphis.

No more taking off work to get parents or grandparents back and forth to doctor or hair appointments. ITNMemphis offers door to door service.

“It’s for seniors and the visually impaired. And in the Memphis area we’re defining seniors as people over 60. And anyone who is over 18, who’s visually impaired, it will take people in those categories anywhere they want to go 24/7,” says Pat Hickman, Operations Manager at ITN.

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Senior transportation service now operating in Memphis

December 12, 2014

In early 2011, an official with a fledgling nonprofit transportation organization in Memphis talked about a plan to provide rides for older people who don’t drive.

The organization, ITNMemphis, would offer them — as well as people with visual impairments — economical, around-the-clock transportation in a car, he said.

At the time, ITNMemphis had obtained a state charter, a sponsoring organization and was raising money. The optimistic official said the company planned what he called a soft opening in about four months.

That four months grew into years.

ITNMemphis finally had its opening last month and now is providing transportation for older non-drivers and the visually impaired.

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Implement a Community-Based, Volunteer-Powered Transportation Model

September 16, 2014

Tennessee communities struggle to meet the transportation needs of older adults. The issues across America tend to be the same:

  • How to provide the kind of door-through-door service older people want and need;
  • How to recruit enough volunteer drivers and how to manage insurance;
  • How to arrange rides, especially in rural and suburban communities; and
  • How to pay for it all.4

Tennessee could consider implementing the ITNAmerica model, or something similar, throughout communities in the state. ITNAmerica works with communities to help develop dignified and sustainable transportation options. ITN volunteer drivers store transportation credits for their volunteer efforts. These credits may be used to plan for their own future transit needs or they may use these credits to help pay for rides for members of their family or for low income seniors through a scholarship program. ITN transportation credits are honored at any ITN in the country. ITN’s goal is to provide the expertise, tools and state-of-the-art technology that allow organizations to serve more people without additional resources or funds.

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Memphis City Council may permit new ride service for senior citizens

September 16, 2014

Katherine Freund of Maine has told the story many times. In 1988, her 3-year-old son Ryan was run over by a car. The driver was 84 years old.

The boy made a full recovery, but the incident changed his mother’s life. At first, she looked into the possibility of stricter licensing rules for older drivers, but then changed tactics.

“Older drivers need options if they’re going to give up their cars,” she told a New York Times reporter years later. “There’s a black hole in our public policy.” So, she started an organization called the Independent Transportation Network in Portland, Maine, to offer low-cost rides to senior citizens who have difficulty driving but want to retain their independence.

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