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Need for Volunteer Senior Drivers Growing on the Westside [ITNGreaterLA] [video]

December 6, 2012

The Independent Transportation Network of Greater Los Angeles only has nine drivers servicing Westside seniors unable to drive on their own, and demand is increasing. Watch the video below.

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Driver Services Could Prevent Elder-Related Accidents in California

February 18, 2011

Robert Reeves

Questions about the safety of elder motorists have always been more than a little touchy, and not just because these senior citizens value their mobility and independence. Safety experts will tell you that senior citizens should have their car keys taken away from them, when loved ones notice signs of impaired driving ability. But it is a rare senior who can give up his driving privileges without a fight. However, there may be other ways that elder motorists can continue to be independent and travel wherever they please on their own time, and yet continue to be safe.

The New York Times is reporting on the increasing popularity of elder driver services, which, for a fee, will agree to drive elderly motorists safely. The New York Times article specifically covers Independent Transportation Network, which provides rides for senior motorists.

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Look What’s Happening at ITN!

September 16, 2010

Our family of affiliates has been busy preparing and holding events all summer long, and we’re not slowing down this fall! See our latest e-Postcard for updates and events.

Katherine’s 24-Hour Walk for Rides

April 19, 2010

When: Noon, June 18 – Noon, June 19
Where: Portland ME, Back Cove, along Baxter Boulevard

Less than a decade after the very first Walk for Rides™ fundraising event, Katherine Freund is embarking on a 24-hour, round-the-clock walk, in support of ITNAmerica and all affiliates. The walk is around Back Cove in Portland, Maine on June 18-19. Katherine will be traveling around the country gathering support for her walk. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, representing the 1st District of Maine, will join Katherine on June 18 to show her support for ITNAmerica and senior transportation.
If you are interested in walking with Katherine, please sign up on our website. You can register online to walk as part of Katherine’s team, and then share your page with friends and family asking them to sponsor your walk. If you can’t be with Katherine to walk in Maine, register as an individual to walk in your community. You can also promote your page on Facebook and Twitter to let more people know about Katherine’s 24-hour walk. Anyone, anywhere in the country can walk to support ITNAmerica in our Walk for Rides.

National Foundation Extends Funds for Innovative ITNAmerica® Program

February 22, 2010

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Internship Program a Model for Success

WESTBROOK ME – A generous grant from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has enabled ITNAmerica to expand its successful internship program supporting sustainable transportation resources for seniors across the country.

“The initial funding for this innovative project yielded such successful outcomes we’re doing it again,” says Katherine Freund, President and Founder of ITNAmerica. “With the Foundation’s funding of nine interns in affiliate communities across the country, we raised awareness about our services while also raising significantly more money than we spent.”

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation has supported the needs of low-income seniors for over 50 years. The Foundation’s 2009 grant to ITNAmerica enabled participating affiliates to generate more than $130,000 in revenue, with $20,000 of that money reserved for ITN®’s Road Scholarship Program™ for low-income seniors. In this way, the grant helped build community support for senior mobility, enabled access for all seniors, and ensured the special needs of low income seniors were not forgotten.

“The interns helped us build support that will continue to generate funds year after year,” says Freund. “With as many as 20 interns in affiliate communities across the country in 2010, we anticipate even greater success with what has now become The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Internship Program. This support will expand our commitment to more transportation resources for more people in more places.”

“Grand Rounds” at the Motion Picture & Television Fund

August 14, 2009

Katherine Freund was an invited speaker at the Center on Aging’s Social Gerontology Grand Rounds program at the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF). MPTF is a major sponsor of ITNGreaterLA.

Over 125 people attended the event, including the MPTF social and health senior services team, academics and professionals from around southern California, as well as representatives from communities interested in affiliation with ITNAmerica.

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Introducing: Lane Bensussen!

April 10, 2009

Donna Baker

We are very pleased to welcome our new Director of Operations Lane Bensussen to ITNGreaterLA. Lane has volunteered with ITNGreaterLA since May of 2008. He is very excited to be promoting the ITN mission. “ITN provides an invaluable service to our parents and grandparents who can no longer drive for themselves.” Lane said. “My personal goals are to continue providing on-time, friendly, and safe transportation for current ITN members, and to increase new membership and volunteer drivers in order to grow the business and expand ITNGreaterLA’s service area.”

Lane was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been a resident of Santa Monica since 1985. Lane graduated from Chapman University in 2002 with a bachelor of science in business administration with an emphasis in marketing. Lane has spent the previous four years working for a vitamin and drug company as a product manager and business analyst. In his free time, Lane enjoys studying history, playing guitar, photography, and spending time with his friends and family. We are so happy to have him team!

Focus on Community

January 4, 2009

ITNGreaterLA Is Looking for a Few Good Drivers and Riders.

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Focus on Community

October 4, 2008

Center on Aging partners with ITNGreaterLA for community transportation initiative.

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ITNGreaterLA First Rides

August 4, 2008

Director of the California Department of Aging Lynn Daucher delivers the official First Ride for ITNGreaterLA to Norman Jacob, one of the founding members of the Writer Guild of America, on August 22, 2008.

ITNAmerica and its national insurance partner Liberty Mutual presented a “Make Every Ride Count” grand opening event on August 22 and 23 at Whole Foods. Director of the California Department of Aging Lynn Daucher delivered the First Ride.