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Social Work Faculty and Sanders Brown Collaborate on Aging Research

April 26, 2013

“I lived next to the campus and a grocery, so I thought a car was unnecessary but I was wrong. I was imprisoned in my tiny studio apartment and felt like I was disabled. I had to ask friends for a ride when I wanted to go somewhere. As a person who highly values independence, I felt shamed when I asked for a ride from others. So, unlike my plan of living without a car for the first year of my doctorate program, I bought a car right after my first three months in Cleveland. This intense experience living without a car made me think about what the process of being disabled is like, and the role of independent transportation, impact of life space constriction on the quality of life at old age.”

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Old People Driving, a film about the end of the road

September 8, 2011

Old People Driving chronicles the adventures of 96-year-old Milton and 99-year-old Herbert as they confront the end of their driving years. The film follows Herbert as he takes his last drive, hands over his keys and comes to terms with the reality of life without a car. Milton, meanwhile, continues to drive every day and vows to do so until he feels he’s no longer safe on the road. Through their stories, and a review of the latest traffic safety research, the film dispels some of the myths about elderly drivers without shying away from the fact that many will outlive their ability to drive safely.

Old People Driving has screened at film festivals around the country and has received awards including Best Short Documentary at the Phoenix Film Festival, an honorable mention at the Los Angeles International Film Festival, and the Margaret and William Hearst Award for Excellence in Documentary Film. The film is distributed to the educational market by New Day Films.

Old People Driving
Documentary short
Runtime: 24 minutes
Subtitled for the hearing impaired

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7 signs Dad shouldn’t drive anymore

June 22, 2011

You may have to decide how to tell an elderly parent that it’s no longer safe to continue driving. But first you’ll need to recognize when it’s time.

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