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ITNAmerica Affiliates Reach Record Milestones Thanks to Volunteer Drivers

April 25, 2017

Westbrook, ME – April 24, 2017 – “Volunteer driving is like having a conversation in a little rolling living room. Cars are private spaces, with picture windows, upholstery, and piped in music.” That’s how Katherine Freund, describes volunteering to drive for ITNAmerica, a national nonprofit transportation organization that promotes lifelong mobility for seniors and visually impaired adults.

ITNAmerica is pleased to announce during National Volunteer Week recent milestones achieved by Independent Transportation Network (ITN) affiliates across the country. The rides below were provided for members of ITN and were delivered almost entirely by volunteer drivers who offer door-through-door, arm-through-arm service. ITNPortland, the flagship affiliate of ITN, has nearly reached a third of a million rides in its 22 years of service.

ITN Affiliate Milestones Achieved in March 2017

  • ITNBluegrass hit its first 1,000+ ride month
  • ITNCentralOklahoma passed 2,000 rides and its first month of 200+ rides
  • ITNLanier passed 1,000 rides
  • ITNMemphis passed 4,000 rides
  • ITNMontereyCounty passed 30,000 rides. March was their busiest month ever with 800+ rides
  • ITNNorthJersey first month of 700+ rides
  • ITNStCharles hit its first 1,000+ ride month
  • ITNSunCoast passed 35,000 rides. March was their busiest month ever with 1,200+ rides

ITN Affiliate Ride Totals for ITN Members as of April 8, 2017

  • ITNBluegrass, 62,982 rides, first ride delivered Jul-2008
  • ITNCentralCT, 13,222 rides, first ride delivered Apr-2009
  • ITNCentralOklahoma, 2,024 rides, first ride delivered Sep-2015
  • ITNCoastalCT, 19,948 rides, first ride delivered Nov-2010
  • ITNLanier, 1,124 rides, first ride delivered Apr-2016
  • ITNLehighValley, 18,523 rides, first ride delivered Oct-2013
  • ITNMemphis, 4,203 rides, first ride delivered Dec-2014
  • ITNMontereyCounty, 30,605 rides, first ride delivered Dec-2011
  • ITNNorthJersey, 11,000 rides, first ride delivered Jun-2015
  • ITNOrlando, 72,994 rides, first ride delivered Oct-2006
  • ITNPortland*, 315,367 rides, first ride delivered Jun-1995
  • ITNSouthernDelaware, 2,398 rides, first ride delivered Dec-2015
  • ITNStCharles, 41,267 rides, first ride delivered Mar-2010
  • ITNSunCoast, 35,637 rides, first ride delivered Jan-2010

*Flagship Affiliate

The ITN volunteer driver program offers free memberships to volunteer drivers, transportation credits or mileage reimbursement for the miles they drive, and they get to set their own hours. After passing a background check, ITN volunteer drivers also receive training and ongoing support from ride coordinators. 

“The record ride numbers we reached last month are extraordinary. We couldn’t have done it without our dedicated volunteers, and since this is National Volunteer Week, it’s the perfect opportunity to thank our volunteer drivers and recognize their role in improving the lives of older people in our communities,” said Katherine Freund, President and Founder of ITNAmerica.

To apply to be an ITN volunteer driver in your community, please refer to the list of ITN affiliates on the ITNAmerica website and contact the affiliate near you.  Click here to make a contribution to ITNAmerica and help us make sure seniors and the visually impaired stay independent.

About ITNAmerica: ITNAmerica is the first national nonprofit transportation network that promotes lifelong mobility for seniors and visually impaired population by supporting sustainable, community-based transportation.  With more than 20 years of experience, ITNAmerica has a deep knowledge in research, policy analysis, and education. ITNAmerica also created Rides in Sight, the nation’s most comprehensive searchable online database of transportation solutions for seniors and individuals with visual impairments. With more than 15,000 transportation solutions in local communities across the United States, Rides in Sight offers a toll-free hotline that provides personal assistance and information about local transportation options. To learn more about ITNAmerica, visit or send email inquiries to You can also visit, or call 1-855-60-RIDES to find transportation options in your local area.