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The Californian: We Could Car Less: Rides for the blind and elderly

February 12, 2016
ITN Monterey County volunteer driver John Brandt

ITN Monterey County volunteer driver John Brandt. (Photo: Jay Dunn/The Salinas Californian)

Jon Brandt of Salinas gives rides in his car to elderly or blind people who cannot drive. Brandt is a volunteer driver for the Independent Transportation Network (ITN) that provides more than 270 automobile rides a week in Monterey County. Brandt says he volunteers to show respect to seniors. “I meet so many interesting people,” Brandt said. “I enjoy it.”

Aimee Cuda is the director ITN Monterey County. “Our clients get rides to every kind of errand, from doctor visits to social events.” One client even gets a ride to and from her job every day. “The ITN ride service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year,” Cuda said, A ride must be arranged before 2 p.m. on the day before it is needed. ITN provides arm-through-arm service, not just door to door. “Our drivers make sure the clients gets to their destinations with dignity and safety,” said Cuda.

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