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LOOK WHO’S DRIVING! – Representative Diane St. Onge

July 7, 2015

PO Box 621006
Cincinnati OH 45262
Kathy Nafus, Member Services Representative

LOOK WHO’S DRIVING! – Representative Diane St. Onge


Helping seniors stay mobileErlanger – State Representative, Diane St. Onge, recognizes the need for affordable, reliable senior transportation in Northern Kentucky. She put her concern into action when she recently drove as a volunteer for ITNGreaterCincinnati (ITNGC) taking Erlanger resident, Jean Bryson, to a medical appointment.

St. Onge, an attorney and State Representative for the 63rd district, has lived and worked in Northern Kentucky for 30 years. She knows that isolation is a huge problem for older adults who no longer drive. “I was very honored to be able to participate as a driver for ITNGreaterCincinnati.  Meeting Mrs. Jean Bryson and driving her to her appointment was a distinct pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of this remarkable woman. ITNGreaterCincinnati provides a necessary service to the elderly, allowing them to maintain the independence and quality of life we all cherish,” St. Onge says.

The mission of ITNGC is to provide seniors (60+) and visually impaired adults with a 24/7 transportation resource that is “arm-through-arm, door-through-door, go where you want to go when you want to go.” ITNGC breaks down the isolation that comes when seniors surrender their keys, and gives visually impaired adults freedom to go beyond bus routes at a cost they can afford with no ride restrictions. ITN stands for Independent Transportation Network. Independence is what the transportation service provides to its members. ITNGreaterCincinnati serves the I-275 loop in both Kentucky and Ohio.

Volunteer drivers provide the rides for ITNGC making this service community supported and sustainable. All volunteers are trained and background checked. This is one of the most gratifying volunteer positions you can have because volunteers work directly with clients. Mrs. Bryson says her drivers are “tremendous”. She calls them her “special angels” and says she never has to wait for a driver. There are older people and visually impaired adults in our community who need rides right now. Those who love to drive may find this a very rewarding experience.

ITNGC has been operating in the Greater Cincinnati area since May, 2010 and was brought to the area by the Vision Coalition of Greater Cincinnati and the Deaconess Associations Foundation, both of which realized there was a significant local need for transportation for older adults and visually impaired adults on both sides of the river. They coordinated their resources and efforts and together formed ITNGreaterCincinnati, a local affiliate of the national ITN organization.

More information on how to become a volunteer driver can be obtained on the website, or by calling 859-441-8111 or 513-559-2200

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