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ITNGreaterSanDiego helps retired Major pursue his passion for teaching piano

November 11, 2014

ITNGreaterSanDiego helps retired Major pursue his passion for teaching piano videoITNGreaterSanDiego will honor member rider Major Hal Jellison as part of a special Veteran’s Day Family Fundraiser celebration in San Diego this evening. Major Jellison is a US Marine Corps combat veteran who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam over a 26-year military career. He was nominated for the Silver Star and received a Bronze Star with Valor. In his post-military career, Major Jellison earned his Ph.D. in Psychology and has taught music for more than 35 years – a passion that ITNGreaterSanDiego helps him continue at age 88.

In honor of all of the Veterans that ITN proudly supports with pursuing their passions in communities around the nation, please enjoy this video from ITNGreaterSanDiego about Major Hal Jellison.

Somerset group shares vision for county-wide ride program

November 6, 2014

Katherine Freund of ITNAmerica outlines possibilities for a Somerset County shared ride transportation network during a meeting Wednesday at Somerset County Area Agency on Aging.

SOMERSET, PA – Grass-roots organizers are envisioning county-wide ride sharing through an online network of screened volunteer drivers and screened riders, with church vans, public transportation and donated vehicles thrown into the mix.

The Somerset County steering committee members were joined by agency leaders and others to pack a conference room Wednesday as ITNAmerica founder and President Katherine Freund outlined her non-profit organization’s initiative to adapt its successful urban transportation model to rural areas.

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WANTED: Somerset County residents with transportation challenges

October 21, 2014

Founder of national non-profit transportation solution ITNAmerica® keynotes community forum Nov. 5, online survey participants could win a $20 Giant Eagle gift card

Somerset, PA, Oct. 21, 2014 — Riding a bicycle 20 minutes to work in one of the nation’s snowiest counties is not anyone’s idea of a sustainable lifestyle. Neither is missing a doctor’s appointment or parent-teacher conference because you’re visually impaired or without a car. This is reality for a number Somerset County residents. Many residents face serious barriers to the most basic standards of living, never mind quality of life.

The Community Foundation for the Alleghenies and Behavioral Health Services of Somerset and Bedford Counties, Inc., together with the Somerset County Foundation are not sitting idle; they’ve joined forces with ITNAmerica to organize a community survey and forum to build a case for bridging the transportation gap in this rural community. The forum is from 10 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, Nov. 5 at the Area Agency on Aging of Somerset County, 1338 S. Edgewood Ave., Somerset.

Keynote panelist Katherine Freund is founder and President of the national non-profit ITNAmerica. The 20-year-old Independent Transportation Network (ITN), is six years into research and development of ITNEverywhere, a non-profit marketplace concept that would expand mobility options by allowing people to share their private transportation resources. Katherine will speak about ITNEverywhere, which the research effort in Somerset County will support. Katherine will be joined by local experts on this issue, who will speak to the distinct transportation challenges Somerset County residents are facing. All panelists will engage in a Q&A with attendees as well. Light refreshments will be provided.

“It’s a pretty simple concept. We have vehicles and we have people who need rides. And in rural communities, we have rich community spirit. ITNEverywhere is about how we put it all together,” said Freund.

Take our survey – win a Giant Eagle Gift Card!
This community forum kicks off a more comprehensive research effort involving residents of Somerset County. All residents in the greater Somerset County area who are 18 or older in age are invited to take an online survey to help us build a case for change. The survey link is already live here: The survey will remain live until we reach a valid number of responses. All participants in the survey will automatically be entered into a drawing for one of several $20 Giant Eagle gift cards.

About Katherine Freund
Katherine Freund is a national expert on transportation solutions for America’s rapidly growing community of aging baby boomers who can no longer drive. She has been featured on C-Span and in the New York Times, Forbes and Consumer Reports In 2008, The Wall Street Journal named her “One of 12 People who are Changing Your Retirement.”

About ITNAmerica and ITNEverywhere
The ITNEverywhere vision is to be to community mobility what eBay is to flea markets. ITNAmerica has conducted six years of research to quantify the need and viability of the ITNEverywhere concept. Now ITN is actively seeking a sponsor to fund the IT solution that will power this non-profit marketplace for sharing private transportation. Interested sponsors may contact Heidi Farber.

ITNAmerica is the nation’s only non-profit, community-based transportation program serving senior citizens and the visually impaired with door-through-door, arm-in-arm service. ITN began as a single transportation service in Portland, Maine nearly 20 years ago and has since grown into a network of 27 affiliated communities in 21 states from coast to coast.

Somerset County: Rob Stemple –, cell: (814) 233-8826
ITNAmerica: Lisa Wolff –


ITNAmerica is always looking for volunteer drivers and donors to keep our costs down and rides up for our customers. For information about how you can support the Independent Transportation Network, visit

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ITN Volunteer Drivers in The New York Times

October 20, 2014

The New York Times

ITN earned some fantastic press in The New York Times this weekend!

Founder Katherine Freund, ITNCoastalCt volunteers Jacqueline Masumian and Joel Beckoff, and Judi Bonilla from ITNGreaterSanDiego‘s Council of Advisors were quoted in the article, which stressed the importance of baby boomers planning for future transportation needs.

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ITNAmerica is finalist in competition for $100,000 marketing grant

October 16, 2014

ITNAmerica is one of 23 finalists lined up to present before the abc* Foundation Continuity Forum, an event for leaders implementing smart, sustainable and replicable solutions to large-scale problems. ITN Founder and President Katherine Freund will deliver a proposal for a National Volunteer Driver Campaign at the forum in Miami on Nov. 13 and 14.
abc* Foundation Continuity Forum
From the 23 presentations, abc* will select three winners to receive $100,000 each and two years of marketing and communications support to design and launch their program. If selected, ITN’s program would be supported by a full-time national coordinator position to be able to increase rides for our senior and visually impaired customers by increasing volunteer driver recruitment, retention, and rewards programming.

The Foundation selects initiatives that, with the added assistance of its resources, have the greatest potential for maximum scalability. ITN is proud to be in the running for such a prestigious and generous award … please wish us luck!

Founders at ITN Coastal CT Celebrate

October 13, 2014

Founders at ITN Coastal CT Celebrate

The founders of ITNCoastalCT, the nonprofit driving service for seniors and the visually disabled, met at the annul fundraiser for ITN at the Pequot Library Friday night.

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Local Drivers wanted to help seniors

September 22, 2014

Seniors in Hall County will have a new transportation method available in 2015.

ITNLanier, a volunteer-based senior transportation model, is seeking donations and volunteers in order to begin services next July, according to Erika Walker, ITNLanier co-chair.

ITNLanier is a pre-affiliate of ITNAmerica, a national nonprofit senior transportation network. It is designed to replicate the flexibility and independence provided by private car ownership for seniors unable to drive or uncomfortable doing so.

“Basically this is a senior transportation program geared toward 65-and-older folks,” Walker said. “It’s unique because it offers door-through-door, 24/7, arm-in-arm service for older adults and it uses individual cars.”

Implement a Community-Based, Volunteer-Powered Transportation Model

September 16, 2014

Tennessee communities struggle to meet the transportation needs of older adults. The issues across America tend to be the same:

  • How to provide the kind of door-through-door service older people want and need;
  • How to recruit enough volunteer drivers and how to manage insurance;
  • How to arrange rides, especially in rural and suburban communities; and
  • How to pay for it all.4

Tennessee could consider implementing the ITNAmerica model, or something similar, throughout communities in the state. ITNAmerica works with communities to help develop dignified and sustainable transportation options. ITN volunteer drivers store transportation credits for their volunteer efforts. These credits may be used to plan for their own future transit needs or they may use these credits to help pay for rides for members of their family or for low income seniors through a scholarship program. ITN transportation credits are honored at any ITN in the country. ITN’s goal is to provide the expertise, tools and state-of-the-art technology that allow organizations to serve more people without additional resources or funds.

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Memphis City Council may permit new ride service for senior citizens

September 16, 2014

Katherine Freund of Maine has told the story many times. In 1988, her 3-year-old son Ryan was run over by a car. The driver was 84 years old.

The boy made a full recovery, but the incident changed his mother’s life. At first, she looked into the possibility of stricter licensing rules for older drivers, but then changed tactics.

“Older drivers need options if they’re going to give up their cars,” she told a New York Times reporter years later. “There’s a black hole in our public policy.” So, she started an organization called the Independent Transportation Network in Portland, Maine, to offer low-cost rides to senior citizens who have difficulty driving but want to retain their independence.

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The key decision

August 18, 2014

The freedom to drive is something we expect to continue to do but what if you had to make the key decision? The decision to determine if you, or perhaps your parents can no longer safely drive. How will they get to the grocery store, a doctor’s appointment or fill prescriptions? The answer is ITNGreaterKansasCity.

Initiated in Portland, Maine in 1996 by Katherine Freund, the ITN concept pairs volunteer drivers with non-driving older adults in order to preserve their dignity and independence while encouraging safer roads for everyone. The local affiliate of ITNAmerica, ITNGreaterKansasCity was launched in Lee’s Summit in Sept. 2013.

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