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Young students soon to become Heimlich Heroes

April 23, 2012

On Wednesday, ITNGreaterCincinnati was proud to provide the transportation for Dr. Heimlich for the launch of the Heimlich Institute’s Heimlich Heroes program.

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ITN North Central Connecticut [ITNNorthCentralCT] ride network plans fund-raising walk

April 19, 2012

A north-central Connecticut ride service for the elderly and visually impaired is marking a major milestone.

Independent Transportation Network’s North Central Connecticut group has offered 10,000 rides to members in its 10-town community since its founding three years ago. The agency is also preparing for its annual fund-raiser, “Walk for Rides,” scheduled for April 28.

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Sustainable privately funded transportation takes off in Port City

April 19, 2012

I’ve had those vision impaired driving moments when I knew all was not right, but I drove anyway. I could think of many good reasons why it was okay: I wasn’t going far. I knew the neighborhood like the back of my hand. I’m in a hurry. It will get better.

In my case, it was that unexpected icy frost on my windshield in the wee hours of the morning. I hadn’t budgeted extra time in my morning commute to scrape my window and warm up my car for optimum visibility conditions. So, off I drove, cocking my neck to peer through the little cleared patch on my windshield, wipers on full speed, and washer fluid going great guns, the defroster blast in hopes that the warm air will warm the car and melt the ice quickly, my teeth chatter from the cold — it will get better, I will see more clearly, soon enough.

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ITNGreaterCincinnati – Volunteer drivers needed!

April 16, 2012

Demand for the Independent Transportation Network of Greater Cincinnati’s (ITNGC) membership-based transportation service for the elderly and visually-impaired is outstripping its volunteer base, stressing the Deaconess Associations Foundation program’s 25 volunteer drivers.

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Radio Personality, Brad Davis gives the ITNNorthCentralConnecticut’s 10,000th Ride to Published Author Billie Alban

April 13, 2012

The 10,000th Ride Celebration for ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™ took place on Thursday, April 5 at the Marilyn Michaelson Senior Center in Bloomfield with radio personality Brad Davis behind the wheel. “Today’s seniors are living longer, healthier lives but driving and maintaining an automobile is not always possible, not their best option. I believe that ITNNorthCentralConnecticut is a valuable asset for the region and that seniors are thankful for the service.” Brad Davis told volunteers, member-riders, Deputy Treasurer Jonathan Harris, Representative David Baram and Julia Evans Starr, Executive Director of the State of Connecticut’s Commission on Aging.“These Independent Transportation
Network® Affiliates fill an important need for those seniors and visually impaired adults who want to remain a vital part of our communities. ITN will help people help themselves to remain more independent.”


Volunteer Drivers Needed for Transportation of Elderly, Visually-Impaired

April 13, 2012

ITNGC for seniors and visually-impaired sees rider demand increase 82 percent

Demand for ITNGreaterCincinnati’s (ITNGC) membership-based transportation service for the elderly and visually-impaired is outstripping its volunteer base, stressing the Deaconess Associations Foundation program’s 25 volunteer drivers.
Ridership has increased 82 percent since January, and additional drivers are desperately needed, said ITNGC executive director Nancy Schuster.

“We had a feeling when we began this initiative in 2010 that it would fill a niche in the transportation needs for seniors and the visually-impaired within the I-275 loop,” said Schuster. “Not everyone is mobile enough or has the ability to wait for bus or special van transportation. We’ve been extremely gratified at the demand for our services, as well as the quality of dedicated volunteers who help us out.”


Ride milestone, ITNPortland is expected to offer its 250,000th ride to a lucky passenger this week.

April 9, 2012

A nonprofit service that offers inexpensive car rides to older or visually impaired Cumberland County residents is expected to hit a milestone this week.

ITNPortland is just a few rides away from offering its 250,000th ride.

ITNPortland is part of the 16-year-old Independent Transportation Network, or ITNAmerica, which started out as a graduate project at the Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine. It has grown into a national transportation system for older people who want to stop driving without losing their independence.

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Volunteer Drivers Needed at ITNRacineCounty

April 5, 2012

We are a non-profit transportation service for senior citizens 55+ and the visually impaired of Racine County who are no longer able to drive.

We reimburse our volunteer drivers at $0.25 per mile.

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Keeping seniors mobile

April 2, 2012

At a time when the MBTA is facing significant cuts in service, when our population is steadily aging and legislation mandating road tests for senior citizens seeking to renew their licenses is under discussion, alternate modes of transportation are critical to the health of our communities.

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