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ITNBluegrass proudly nominates Stan Wonn as its candidate for the Max and Helen Israelite 2011 Volunteer of the Year Award.

October 29, 2011

Stan Wonn

ITNBluegrass proudly nominates Stan Wonn as its candidate for the Max and Helen Israelite 2011 Volunteer of the Year Award. Stan exemplifies what it means to be a volunteer by serving in numerous capacities within ITNBluegrass. He started as a volunteer driver in December 2008 and by the time he was asked to become a board member in May 2009, he had logged more than 1,000 miles! (He has since logged an additional 2,000+ miles!)

Stan’s talents truly came to light when he was nominated ITNBluegrass Board Chair in June 2010. We are reminded of the qualities of the ITNAmerica mascot when we think of Stan – a head for business, a non-profit heart and a willingness to work. Not to mention the spark plug! Under Stan’s leadership, our board has been revitalized and reinvigorated, and there is a renewed emphasis on running ITNBluegrass as a business. Stan has introduced several new committees – Audit, Development and Policies and Procedures, to name a few – and meets with each of the committee chairs regularly to assess progress. A major project Stan plus other board members and staff undertook in summer 2010 was to write a detailed business plan for ITNBluegrass. This was a huge amount of work but we are the better for it as it gives us increased credibility with potential funders.

And just a few weeks ago, the ITNBluegrass board approved an extensive HR manual for the office. While it was based on a template from an established business, it took hours to edit it for our small non-profit and get it into final.

Other initiatives Stan is working on are the Executive Director transition and a security policy for ITNBluegrass data (tax records, personnel records, etc.). Stan’s background is in IT; his last job before retiring from Ashland (Oil), Inc. after 45 years of service was as Manager of Global Network and Computing Information Security. Following the events of September 11, 2001, Stan was one of just a few corporate security officers who participated in the development of the US Homeland Security Department.

Now the non-profit heart. Stan says he enjoys volunteering because he “has a sense that we should all contribute to making things better, especially while we are still physically capable.” He has also shared that he is passionate about ITN’s mission because his own mother lost her ability to drive and that “on many occasions she just wouldn’t go [somewhere] rather than impose. As a result her ability to live life to the fullest was very limited.” Stan certainly appreciates the difficulties facing those who have given up driving and wants to help older people in our community overcome those difficulties.

Finally, Stan and his wife Dana also fold, stamp and mail our billing statements…every month! Maybe not the thing to end on, but certainly an illustration of “willing to work!”

Stan is truly deserving of the honor of Volunteer of the Year.

Stan Wonn
(l-r) Ride Coordinator Barbara Warburton, rider Ethel Tate and Board Chair Stan Wonn. Mrs. Tate was honored as the recipient of ITNBluegrass’ 10,000th ride!

‘Transportation poverty’ predicted for Cincinnati’s aging Baby Boomer population

October 28, 2011

In Cincinnati, the Independent Transportation Network, or ITNGreaterCincinnati, is the kind of community based transportation service for seniors Transportation for America recommends.

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ITNAmerica featured in Parade Magazine

October 17, 2011

ITNAmerica was featured in the in the October 16th edition of Parade Magazine

Transportation services [ITNRacineCounty] offer seniors chance to stay active

October 15, 2011

Getting out and around became more complicated for Ed and Lilyann Yokel when they moved out of their home and into an assisted living facility last spring. The couple, who are in their 90s, were used to depending on friends and neighbors for rides to various appointments and engagements. But, such arrangements were no longer convenient in their new neighborhood.

In an effort to help their parents maintain as much of their lifestyle as possible, the Yokels’ three sons – who all live in other states – found a solution to their transportation needs in ITNRacineCounty. ITN stands for Independent Transportation Network, and Racine County’s program is part of a network of 16 ITN America affiliates nationwide – the purpose of which is to provide sustainable, community-based transportation services for seniors.

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Senior car service heads to [Jamaica Plain]

October 7, 2011

A low-cost private taxi service for seniors and people who are visually impaired is aiming to serve JP by December, and may even be based here.

“We’re really looking forward to serving Jamaica Plain and connected areas of Boston,” said Jean Patel Bushnell, executive director of the nonprofit ITNGreaterBoston, which will operate the service.

Unlike the MBTA’s RIDE and the city’s Senior Shuttle, ITNGreaterBoston‘s car service will be available at any time for any type of trip.

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