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Henderson Attorney Named to ITNLasVegasValley Board

April 29, 2011

Andrew (Andy) J. Urban Jr., sole practitioner of Nevada Virtual Law Office, has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors of ITNLasVegasValley. “I join with my fellow board members in welcoming Andy Urban,” said Kathy McClain, Board Chair.  “Andy has extensive Henderson contacts and legal expertise that will be terrific assets for the organization.”

Before opening the Nevada Virtual Law Office, Urban held many positions in the Henderson City government and served as the City’s lobbyist in Carson City. He remained the chief legal legislative analyst and second in command in the City Attorney’s office until his retirement in July 2009.  His current practice specializes in wills & trusts, domestic partnerships, contract review and small business assistance.

Upon accepting his appointment to the ITNLasVegasValley Board of Directors, he said he was both honored and delighted. “I believe that my background in addressing and solving senior needs will be helpful to the organization as it expands it services.”

Senior car service drives into Westport

April 25, 2011

Patricia McCormack
Connecticut Post

Seven days a week, a Westport gentleman, 89, uses ITNCoastalCT, a new senior car service, to visit his wife of 63 years in the Carolton Skilled Nursing Home on Mill Plain Road in Fairfield.

Once a week, an elderly lady who also no longer drives uses ITN, which stands for Independent Transportation Network, to take her puppy to training school.

A woman in her 90s, meanwhile, used the service, which operates under a banner proclaiming: “Dignified Transportation for Seniors – Opening More Than Car Doors,” to pick up friends for a New Year’s Eve dinner party she was hosting at a restaurant.


Volunteer drivers help senior citizens despite gas prices

April 22, 2011


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) – Using their own cars, a local organization continues to provide services to the elderly – despite soaring gas prices. [ITNCharlestonTrident] transports the elderly and those who can no longer drive. The organization is mainly volunteers with three paid employees.

[ITNCharlestonTrident] said they haven’t seen a decrease in volunteers despite gas prices. Wood Struthers has been volunteer driving for years, and said he is spending a lot of cash on the endeavor.
“Talking considerable cash, I pay $2,000 in gas a year,” Struthers said. Struthers said that amount is additional to what he spends regularly on gas. “I don’t think about costs a whole lot. If I did I wouldn’t sleep well at night.”

According to [ITNCharlestonTrident], gas prices are concern but they have not had a decrease in the number of volunteers.”Getting the riders where they need to go is the important thing,” said Struthers.


ITNCharlestonTrident on ABC TV Ch 4 on 4/21

April 22, 2011

Volunteer drivers Wood Struthers and Terry Brown were interviewed on ABC TV
Ch 4.

Ch 4 interviewed Wood after he dropped off a member rider and interviewed Terry Brown outside of our office.

The subject is how is the rising cost of gas is affecting volunteers who drive their own vehicles in the course of volunteering for a local organization.

USA Today: Programs aim to keep elderly from being isolated after their driving days end

April 20, 2011

A wave of Americans face the end of their driving lives and communities around the USA are working to keep seniors mobile….

According to NTSB, more than 30 million drivers in the USA are 65 or older; in 15 years, drivers in that age group will make up more than 20% of all drivers.

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Gerontology Students Receive Award

April 6, 2011

College of Charleston


Brenda Sanders of the College of Charleston accepts a 2010 Community Partner Award for ongoing support of the SC Aging in Place Coalition by students of her Gerontology class.
Left to right: Janet Schumacher, Chairman – SCAIP, Kelley Hallmann, Chairman of Aging in Place Week and Brenda Sanders, Gerontology Class Instructor

A College of Charleston gerontology professor and her students have been recognized for making a difference in the Charleston community. Sociology Instructor Brenda Sanders accepted the 2010 Community Partner Award from the South Carolina Aging in Place Coalition for creating opportunities for gerontology students to serve seniors in the Lowcountry through internships, volunteer experiences and service learning opportunities.

Every gerontology student participates in a service-learning project. There are about 20 students in the gerontology class and they help with Respite Care Ministries which provides respite for caregivers of those with dementia or to act as drivers for ITN (Independent Transportation Network), a non-profit that provides transportation for senior citizens. In fact, junior Olivia Rothschild, who is currently enrolled in Aging and the Family, provided ITNCharlestonTrident’s 25,000th ride on February 25, 2011. The students also help with events during National Aging in Place week.

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Popular driver network offers freedom, independence to seniors

April 5, 2011

Elissa Yancey

Nancy Schuster saw the painful confrontation first-hand. She watched her parents try to convince her grandmother to hand over her car keys. But in the end, it took an intervention by her family doctor to drive the point home.

“She wouldn’t listen to any of us,” says Schuster, 46. “It gave me a much better appreciation for the challenges that are out there.”

When she learned of an opening to direct the new [ITNGreaterCincinnati], a program developed last year by the Deaconess Association’s Foundation, she saw an important opportunity.

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