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Abelman: Transportation and the elderly

February 18, 2011

David Abelman
The MetroWest Daily News

A recent spate of auto accidents involving elderly drivers, culminating in the tragic death of a four-year-old last week, has spurred significant conversation around the issue of age and licensure. Safety must be central to the public policy discussion. But in holding the discussion, we cannot ignore broader issues surrounding the place for elders in society and the impact of our policies on the health of elders and the vibrancy of elder life in the Commonwealth.

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Too Old To Drive?

February 17, 2011

Older drivers keep licenses longer and drive more miles than ever before. But as vision and reflexes begin to slip, the older driver and others on the road are at risk. Local 12’s Paula Toti tackles a tough question…when is it time to take the keys away?

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New ride services offer transportation options for seniors

February 16, 2011

Chicago Tribune

Transportation is a big issue for older people. Take Carole Howard for example. She lives in the city’s North Side Lincoln Park neighborhood and hasn’t owned a car in a long time because she suffers from fibroneuralgia and can’t drive. She uses a walker and relies mostly on public transportation to get around. But the number of buses on her route have been cut and the buses are crowded. So it’s hard for Howard to get on the bus with her walker. She was even injured not long ago while sitting on the bus when it took a curve too fast and she got hit in the knee by another rider’s wheelchair.

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“Lunch and Learn” to Recruit Volunteer Drivers

February 15, 2011

Bring your brown bag lunch to ITNRacineCounty’s™ “Lunch and Learn” on Thursday, March 17th at noon, 4900 Spring Street, Suite 104. Coffee and dessert will be provided.

ITNRacineCounty (Independent Transportation Network) provides affordable transportation options for seniors aged 60+ and those with visual impairments. It replicates the feeling of personal car ownership by giving rides in volunteers’ vehicles any day, any time and for any reason! Volunteers set up their own availability schedule and earn transportation credits for mileage driven. Credits may be donated to senior Rider-Members who are family or friends, to the Roads Scholarship Fund for low income riders, or in other ways.

Reservations are requested. Call Susan Feehrer 262-885-1177 or email Visit the website

What should YOU do to Age in Place?

February 10, 2011

Louis Tenenbaum

I was recently in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada giving presentations to the Nova Scotia Home Builder’s Association and for a collaboration of the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and an innovative local business, Home Safe Living. A question asked at the Nova Scotia Seniors program prompted this entry.

“What do you want us to do?”

My reply is better formulated after rolling the question around for a few weeks.

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Aging in Place: What is Independence?

February 10, 2011

Louis Tenenbaum

We often talk about Aging in Place as if it is synonymous with independence. Then some people, pointing out the need many older folks have for assistance, say it cannot work. Why the discrepancy? We must get a handle on what independence is to figure it out.

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Drivers on Call

February 8, 2011

Karen Stabiner
The New Old Age Blog
The New York Times

Dottie Macdonald, 81, got to the annual crafts fair in Portland, Me., this winter the same way she always does: with six big bins of dolls and quilts and artwork stacked in the back of a 2002 Dodge Caravan, the one her husband Bob, 86, always drives because Mrs. Macdonald never learned how.

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