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ITNPortland Letter to the Editor, Portland Press Herald

January 30, 2011

Elderly drivers have other options
Read the Letter to the Editor in this week’s Portland Press Herald

ITNNorthCentralConnecticut Walk for Rides 2011 and “Family Funday Sunday” Sponsorship Opportunities

January 28, 2011

Read about the 2011 Walk for Rides and how becoming a “Family Funday Sunday” sponsor offers several benefits to your business.

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Whose Heartfelt Tale Will Win $10,000?

January 27, 2011

Respecting and helping the elders is a tenet of most societies. And two entrants in the Close to My Heart contest certainly embody that attribute.

In Mary Ellen Busillo’s case, it’s her elderly parents who get her care and attention. “They’re very special to me,” she says, noting that they have been great role models for her three children. “They’re pretty much homebound, so I have to drive from Fairfield to Milford and back just about every other day,” says Busillo.

Read the full story in The Daily Fairfield.

When Are You Too Old To Drive A Car?

January 27, 2011

Kevin Ransom

When does one become too old to drive a car? That’s a question currently being pondered more and more by the families of older drivers.

Elderly drivers now account for nearly 20 percent of all motorists, according to the Government Accountability Office. And that number isn’t shrinking in the coming years, because those who make up the first wave of the huge baby-boom generation turned 65 this year.

According to a recent survey from The Hartford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab, almost 1-in-10 adults are now worried about an older family member’s driving.

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Healthy aging report says seniors must be willing to seek help

January 26, 2011

After a year of research, a regional health care foundation released a report yesterday on healthy aging, pledging $1 million to fund new initiatives and promising to start an alternative transportation network.

The report was compiled by a 17-member commission of nurses, senior center directors, academics and others working on four areas: physical health, mental health and substance abuse, social engagement, and transportation. It was put out by the MetroWest Community Health Care Foundation, which also serves several Milford area towns.

Read the full story in the Metro West Daily News.

Time for Decision

January 25, 2011

Harriett Rose
Smiley Pete Publishing

Lexington, KY – Moving out of my house eliminated many decisions I had to make, and that was a pleasure. This time of year brings all sorts of requests for donations to charity. The fact that these are not limited to those charities I have supported for years, but a number of new ones – the results of hard times, I’m sure, and therefore worthy – tears at the heart. Several years ago, I narrowed the list to those I really cared about and raised the amount I gave to each. Today
I started a pile of the requests and soon I will be making my decisions about which I will fill and for how much.

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New Board Officers Named for ITNLasVegasValley

January 20, 2011

ITNLasVegasValley has elected officers for 2011.  Former Nevada State Assemblywoman Kathy McClain was named Board Chair.  Maria Dent, Associate Director of  AARP Nevada is Vice Chair;  Barbara Grostick of Clark County Social Services is Secretary; and Tania Thompson of Nevada State Bank is Treasurer.

Also serving on the Board of Directors are Kimberly Maxson Rushton of Cooper Levenson and Tom Peterson, former Las Vegas Postmaster.

ITNLasVegasValley provides dignified transportation for seniors with arm-through-arm, door-through door service.  Founded in 2009, with service initiated last year, it is an affiliate of ITNAmerica which offers community-based, community supported, economically viable and consumer-oriented, quality transportation service for seniors and visually impaired adults in 18 communities across the country.

Senator Collins’ Remarks at ITNAmerica Dinner

January 19, 2011

Read the full remarks at Senator Collins’ website.

ITNBluegrass Nominee for Volunteer of the Year Award: Joe and Chandra Jarboe

January 18, 2011


Joe and Chandra Jarboe

More than two years ago, Joe Jarboe became interested in ITNBluegrass and still stands true to his statement, “I believe ITN is worthwhile because it provides a much needed service to the community, and at the same time, it is timely, dignified, respectful, and 24/7.” Rather than just talk about it, though, Joe has actively taken on many roles with our organization. He has served as Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for more than a year and also leads the Board’s new Policies and Procedures Committee. This committee has tackled four diverse but critically important policies in just the last two months, including maximum volunteer driver age/senior driver requirements, BoD nomination process, a disclosure policy and a medical emergency/critical incident policy.

In addition to his time, Joe has been very generous with his treasure. He has supported months of advertising in four local Catholic parish bulletins, which has brought inquiries from potential riders and drivers. Joe has accomplished all this on top of being a dedicated volunteer driver at least two times a week. Since he delivered his initial ride on the first day of ITNBluegrass‘ soft start in July 2008, he has logged 1,411 occupied miles! Joe’s strong passion for helping others and his commitment to the future of ITNBluegrass clearly shows through his hard work and dedication to the organization.

Joe’s diverse work experience and community involvement make him the perfect fit for ITNBluegrass. Before he retired, Joe was a weapon systems cost analyst and later, a general contractor (home building). Prior to civilian life, Joe served for 27 years as an officer in the United States Air Force. During his military career, he logged over 5,000 flight hours, worked in the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, and obtained the rank of colonel. He has also been very involved in the local community, holding leadership positions in several organizations.

Like her husband, Joe, Chandra Jarboe is a wonderful addition to ITNBluegrass. She is visually impaired and became interested in our organization through a presentation at a Support Sight meeting. Chandra states, “ITN has returned to me a measure of independence that I had lost due to visual impairment. It is my hope that my long time experience in various nursing venues will be an asset to ITN in its quest to provide a quality service to this community.” While Chandra participates as an ITNBluegrass member-rider, she also serves on the Board of Directors and offers valuable, practical advice to the organization. She is Board Secretary and chairs the Nominating Committee. She also lent her expertise in developing our medical emergency/critical incident policy, and has taken on a new project of helping spread the word about our Community Rides program to local churches. Chandra’s commitment and enthusiasm has helped the growth of our organization in tremendous ways.

Chandra has a long history of helping others and community involvement. While Joe served in the military, Chandra was the Protocol Assistant to the Ambassador at the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. In addition, she has worked in various nursing positions including head nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and instructor of cardiology and urology at St. Francis Xavier School. Along with a successful career, Chandra has extensive volunteer experience including instructor of pre-natal classes at the United States Air Force Academy Hospital and school clinic volunteer at several schools.

We owe many thanks to both of these individuals for their loyalty and dedication to ITNBluegrass. Our organization would not be as successful without their hard work, strong passion for helping others, and their positive outlook for the future. We proudly nominate this strong partnership as a candidate for the Volunteer of the Year Award.

TRB Committee on Safe Mobility for Older Persons Fall/Winter 2010 Newsletter

January 5, 2011

Read Moving Forward Safely, the TRB Committee on Safe Mobility for Older Persons Fall/Winter 2010 (Volume 1, Issue 2).