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ITNNorthCentralConnecticut Needs Volunteer Drivers

December 6, 2010

Volunteer drivers are needed to provide “dignified” rides to seniors and visually impaired persons 2 hours a week. ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™ is now offering volunteers Transportation Social Security™. Volunteer drivers are reimbursed in cash for occupied miles and earn Transportation Social Security™ credits for their unoccupied miles. Margaret Smith Hale, Executive Director ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™, made the request at a recent volunteer recruitment meeting. In her remarks, Ms. Smith Hale said that “volunteers are critical to the sustainability of the program and giving them a vehicle to build up their own transportation account will allow them to plan for the day when they move from the driver’s seat into the passenger seat.” She explained that “the ITNRides™ program is so sophisticated that it can schedule a volunteer for as little as 3 hours a month and can make sure that the time is convenient to the volunteers other activities. Volunteer as you drive to work or drive to church, it is as simple as that.”

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