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ITNAmerica Joins Liberty Mutual’s National Conversation Drive in New York’s Grand Central Station

November 4, 2010

Dateline November 4, Grand Central Station, New York City — ITNAmerica will join our national insurance partner, Liberty Mutual, for another National Conversation Drive, similar to the event held in Chicago’s Millennium Park, September 21st.

Part of Liberty Mutual’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness about transportation safety for older Americans, the “National Conversation Drive” seeks adult children of senior drivers to educate them about the mobility challenges faced by their parents and encourages them to talk about driving safety and transportation alternatives. The day-long drive will be held in Grand Central Station, New York City. The Liberty Mutual booth will feature tasks on computer simulators to help visitors experience first-hand the challenges older drivers face.

As part of the National Conversation Drive, Liberty Mutual developed a computer game to educate players about the difficulties that an older driver may experience. You can play the same game online at

Click to Donate $10 to ITN on the Liberty Mutual Website!

From now until the the end of the year, when you visit and click on National Conversation Drive and take the pledge to have a conversation about safe driving and alternative transportation with someone you love, Liberty Mutual will donate the average fare for a ride to ITNAmerica and our affiliate communities in support of dignified transportation for seniors.

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