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New York Communities consider benefits of ITNAmerica, ITNEverywhere

August 31, 2010

Transportation leaders from the Ithaca, NY area met last week to discuss the benefits of participating in ITNEverywhere, ITNAmerica’s proposed solution for transportation issues in rural and small communities. ITNAmerica staff led by Katherine Freund, the Founder of the ITN, joined the Ithaca-area transportation leaders via conference call. During the discussion about using of information technology to improve mobility, the Ithaca team asked how existing local system investments could be leveraged. Ms. Freund explained that one of the objectives of ITNEverywhere is to utilize local data, and that any community collaboration in this area would be welcomed.

The primary goal of ITNEverywhere is to develop a suite of transportation software programs to meet the needs of individual communities. The idea is to compliment current public transportation systems, as well as other community transportation resources.

As ITNAmerica continues to develop the ITNEverywhere model, communities in New York, Maine, and Florida are beginning to assess the community’s needs and how ITNEverywhere would fit.

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