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Charitable Giving in Southwest Florida Continues to Grow

August 19, 2010

Despite a 3.6% drop in national giving in 2009, this fiscal year marked a record year of giving for the communities of Southwest Florida; a record ITNSarasota is extremely grateful for. Charitable giving from The Community Foundation of Sarasota County has helped ITNSarasota grow from averaging 6 rides a week this past January, to 22 rides per day.

The Community Foundation has agreed to a five-year commitment to ITNSarasota, which has resulted in a combined total of over $250,000 over the past three years. Their donations have helped ITNSarasota pay for insurance, scheduling, mileage reimbursement and other administrative costs.

Without the generous support of The Community Foundation of Sarasota County and other invaluable foundations in Southwest Florida, the area would not have seen such remarkable growth in charitable giving. Organizations like ITNSarasota rely heavily on community support in order to provide their services. For more information on how you can contribute to ITNSarasota’s growth, visit their website at

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