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ITNNorthCentralCT on West Hartford Community Television

July 23, 2010

Watch ITNNorthCentralCT on West Hartford Community Television: Senator Harris and our organization on 5/6/10.

ITNNorthCentralCT: Jim MacPherson On The Road

July 22, 2010

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ITNAmerica® Announces Matching Grants for New York Communities

July 14, 2010

The Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation continues to support Senior Transportation

New York’s older population is growing rapidly, and by the year 2015 adults age sixty and over will make up 20 to 29 percent of the general population. This cohort will become 50% larger than the existing senior adult population. This major population shift presents a challenge to communities, government agencies, providers of housing and senior services, and others involved with older adults. Older adults express an overwhelming desire to live independently as long as possible. In most communities, maintaining mobility with alternatives to the personal automobile is critical to maintaining an independent lifestyle. People with disabilities may also have difficulty traveling, and public transport is not always sufficient to meet their needs. Everyone in the community will benefit from more options and increased safety. An increasing number of Americans are aware of the environmental impact of driving, and are seeking opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. For others, the costs of solely owning and operating a car consume a disproportionate share of household income.

ITNEverywhere—4 matching grants of $25,000 each

To meet the evolving transportation needs of communities across New York State, ITNAmerica through the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation will provide 4 communities $25,000 each in matching funds to establish and incubate pilot sites of ITNEverywhere ® — a research and development project designed to test how elements of a proven alternative transportation model (the ITN ® affiliate model) may be used to serve smaller communities. The project will also study how to incorporate some additional innovative transport methods (currently outside the ITN model) which show promise in smaller communities.
ITNEverywhere takes the core business innovations of the original ITN model for seniors—personal transportation accounts, and a flexible approach to private resources, including traded vehicles, volunteer credits, cash, co-payments, and gift certificates—and expands them to include the population as a whole in conjunction with a suite of software programs designed to document, track and access multiple forms of unused private capacity.

Independent Transportation Network (ITN) affiliates—2 grants of $50,000 each

The Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation and ITNAmerica seek to bring the benefits of ITN to communities wishing to reach out to lower income seniors. To accomplish this end, ITNAmerica has two $50,000 matching grants for communities with a population of 200,000 or more in a 15 mile radius. The funds will be awarded over two years to help start ITN affiliates that focus on volunteer recruitment to help serve lower income seniors. It will be necessary to raise additional funds. The grants may not be used as operating funds for existing programs. Every ITN affiliate forms an independent, non-profit corporation that becomes part of the nationally affiliated system. ITN service is available 24/7 for any purpose, in automobiles, through a combination of paid and volunteer drivers.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout July and August. For more information, contact Ernie Ott, Community Outreach Manager, ITNAmerica, by email at, by phone at 909.792.6326 or by mail at 90 Bridge Street, Westbrook, Maine 04092. To learn more about this exciting new opportunity, please download the entire text of the announcement here.

ITNLasVegasValley Awarded New Freedom Grant

July 14, 2010

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada has awarded a $101,000 grant to ITNLasVegasValley. The funding, provided under the federal New Freedom Grant program, will help provide ride services to seniors and visually impaired adults residing in Henderson and parts of the Southeast Las Vegas Valley.

“On behalf of our Board, volunteers and members, I thank the RTC for their confidence and support enabling us to launch this transportation service which is so desperately needed,” said Director, Fran Smith. “This grant means that those with disabilities can maintain their independence and continue to be active members of our community.”

To learn more call: 702.506.0917.or email: For more information visit:

ITNGreaterCincinnati™ works hard to promote service

July 12, 2010

ITNGreaterCincinnati has been hard at work spreading word about their transportation service in Ohio. Executive Director Nancy Schuster attended the Rotary Club of Blue Ash/Montgomery last month where she talked about the ways volunteers and members will benefit from having ITN in their community.

On July 22, Schuster will be visiting the Sycamore Senior Center to explain how community members can access ITNGreaterCincinnati’s services. Keep up the great work!

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ITNAmerica mourns the passing of Dr. Robert Butler

July 7, 2010

ITNAmerica mourns the passing of Dr. Robert Butler, gerontologist, psychiatrist, public servant, Pulitzer-Prize winning author and valued member of the ITNAmerica Advisory Council. He recently walked with our Founder and President Katherine Freund around Central Park as she trained for her 24 Hour Walk for Rides:

“My walk through Central park with Dr. Butler was the highlight of my trip. I cannot tell you how generous and charming he was to me; I will never forget it. I owe him a lot. He is a man I will always remember.”

Dr. Butler died Sunday in Manhattan. He was 83 and had worked until three days before his death. The cause was acute leukemia, his daughter Christine Butler said. Read the New York Times obituary.