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ITNGreaterCincinnati Sponsors Betty White Look Alike Contest

June 17, 2010

Cincinnati, Ohio (June, 2010) – Are you a ringer for Betty White? The Independent Transportation Network® of Greater Cincinnati (ITNGC) is sponsoring a Betty White Look Alike contest. Winner of the contest will be awarded a free ITNGC membership, plus one hundred dollars deposited in a private transportation account. In addition, if an organization sponsors the winner, that group will receive one hundred dollars for their activity account. All entries must be submitted by Monday, August 16 and will be judged in late August, when the winner will be notified.

ITNGC is a membership-based, volunteer-driven transportation service using a pre-paid transportation account and private cars. A door-through-door, arm-through-arm service, ITN serves seniors and adults with visual impairments, 24/7. The new transportation option does not limit destinations and is currently available to members living within the 275 loop, east of Hwy 75. An affiliate of ITNAmerica®, ITNGC is the fourteenth of the fifteen affiliates offering this unique service, from Portland Maine, where it originated, to San Diego, California.

All entries should be clearly marked with name and contact information on back of photo. Further information available on Submit entries to: ITNGreaterCincinnati, 311 Straight Street; Cincinnati, Ohio, 45219, and postmarked no later than August 16.

Betty White Look Alike Contest Flyer