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Cincinnati Financial Goes to Bat for ITNGreaterCincinnati

June 21, 2010

For the June 17 Reds game versus the LA Dodgers, Cincinnati Financial generously donated their corporate suite to Deaconess Associations Foundation, which hosted an ITNGreaterCincinnati gathering. ITNGC supporters and friends gathered for food, fun and fellowship—and of course, the game.

Joining the group were Tom Anthony, Esq., of Frost, Brown, Todd, along with wife Susan, Chuck Proudfit and Preston Bowles of Skillsource, Suzanne Burke of the Council on Aging of Southwest Ohio and ITNGC Board Member, Dan Geeding from the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, Scott McQuinn of Life Enriching Communities, Nancy Mlinarik of Skilled Care Pharmacy, and Jan Montegue from Whole Person Wellness Solutions. Lee Scroggins, ITNGC Board Chairperson, Pat Ward, Executive Director of the Deaconess Associations Foundation and ITNGC Board Secretary/Treasurer, and Nancy Schuster, Executive Director ITNGC, gathered the group to enjoy the day and of course, discuss future strategies for ITNGC.

The Reds broke a three-game losing streak with their 7-1 win over the Dodgers. And ITNGreaterCincinnati continues their winning streak by advancing their launch plans. Many thanks to Cincinnati Financial Insurance Company and host Matt Skinner, Esq., for making the day possible.

See pictures from the game.