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Cincinnati Financial Goes to Bat for ITNGreaterCincinnati

June 21, 2010

For the June 17 Reds game versus the LA Dodgers, Cincinnati Financial generously donated their corporate suite to Deaconess Associations Foundation, which hosted an ITNGreaterCincinnati gathering. ITNGC supporters and friends gathered for food, fun and fellowship—and of course, the game.

Joining the group were Tom Anthony, Esq., of Frost, Brown, Todd, along with wife Susan, Chuck Proudfit and Preston Bowles of Skillsource, Suzanne Burke of the Council on Aging of Southwest Ohio and ITNGC Board Member, Dan Geeding from the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, Scott McQuinn of Life Enriching Communities, Nancy Mlinarik of Skilled Care Pharmacy, and Jan Montegue from Whole Person Wellness Solutions. Lee Scroggins, ITNGC Board Chairperson, Pat Ward, Executive Director of the Deaconess Associations Foundation and ITNGC Board Secretary/Treasurer, and Nancy Schuster, Executive Director ITNGC, gathered the group to enjoy the day and of course, discuss future strategies for ITNGC.

The Reds broke a three-game losing streak with their 7-1 win over the Dodgers. And ITNGreaterCincinnati continues their winning streak by advancing their launch plans. Many thanks to Cincinnati Financial Insurance Company and host Matt Skinner, Esq., for making the day possible.

See pictures from the game.

ITNGreaterCincinnati Sponsors Betty White Look Alike Contest

June 17, 2010

Cincinnati, Ohio (June, 2010) – Are you a ringer for Betty White? The Independent Transportation Network® of Greater Cincinnati (ITNGC) is sponsoring a Betty White Look Alike contest. Winner of the contest will be awarded a free ITNGC membership, plus one hundred dollars deposited in a private transportation account. In addition, if an organization sponsors the winner, that group will receive one hundred dollars for their activity account. All entries must be submitted by Monday, August 16 and will be judged in late August, when the winner will be notified.

ITNGC is a membership-based, volunteer-driven transportation service using a pre-paid transportation account and private cars. A door-through-door, arm-through-arm service, ITN serves seniors and adults with visual impairments, 24/7. The new transportation option does not limit destinations and is currently available to members living within the 275 loop, east of Hwy 75. An affiliate of ITNAmerica®, ITNGC is the fourteenth of the fifteen affiliates offering this unique service, from Portland Maine, where it originated, to San Diego, California.

All entries should be clearly marked with name and contact information on back of photo. Further information available on Submit entries to: ITNGreaterCincinnati, 311 Straight Street; Cincinnati, Ohio, 45219, and postmarked no later than August 16.

Betty White Look Alike Contest Flyer

ITNGreaterCincinnati — Volunteer Training Schedule for New Transportation Service for Seniors

June 16, 2010

Ready to hit the road for a good cause? For many people, summer means fun seasonal activities. But for a senior without a ride or an adult with visual impairments, summer can be frustrating and isolating—with no way to reach summer fun or even necessary medical appointments. Help make summer accessible as a volunteer driver for the Independent Transportation Network® of Greater Cincinnati (ITNGC). ITNGC is a membership service, offering door–through-the door help with packages or walkers.

At the training session, the benefits of volunteering will be explained, which include a free ITNGreaterCincinnati membership to give to someone plus options on what to do with mileage earned. The best benefit, though, is the good feeling volunteers get by helping others remain active and independent.

Most of ride requests involve weekdays, but a growing number of customers are scheduling weekend and evening rides. Hop on board to bring summer activities to those who really could use your driving skills.

Below is a list of upcoming Volunteer Driver trainings for June and July. Other schedules can be accommodated.


Friday, June 18; 1-3 p.m.
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St. – Clifton

Thursday, June 24; 10 a.m. – noon
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St. – Clifton

Thursday, July 8; 3-5 p.m.
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St.- Clifton

Saturday, July 17; 10 a.m. – noon
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St. – Clifton

Thursday, July 29; 3-5 p.m.
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St. – Clifton

Tuesday, August 10; 1-3 p.m.
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St- Clifton

Saturday, August 21; 10 a.m. – noon
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St.- Clifton

Saturday, August 21; 10 a.m. – noon
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St.- Clifton

Thursday, August 26; 10 a.m. – noon
Goetz Building, 415 Straight St.- Clifton

All trainings are in the conference room of ITNGreaterCincinnati, first floor of the Goetz Building. Park in the open lot across from the Goetz Building or the parking garage.

Please email info@itngreatercincinnati or call 559-2200 with questions or to reserve your space. Attending does not obligate you to drive.

Qualifications for volunteer drivers:

  1. Valid Ohio driver’s license and three years driving experience.
  2. Acceptable record of safe driving and clean criminal history check.
  3. Proof of liability insurance for vehicle and current registration.
  4. Personal references from three non-relatives.
  5. Not taking drugs/medications that caution users against driving.
  6. Ability to lift wheelchairs and walkers, and carry packages up to 25 lbs.

Blue Ash-Montogomery Rotary Welcomes Independent Transportation Network for Seniors

June 11, 2010

(June 1, 2010 – Blue Ash, Ohio) On Tuesday, June 1, the Rotary Club of Blue Ash/Montgomery welcomed Nancy Schuster, Executive Director of ITNGreaterCincinnati, to their monthly meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Pfeiffer Road. The Independent Transportation Network® of Greater Cincinnati (ITNGC), helps seniors and adults with visual impairments remain independent by driving them to appointments, shopping or even out for lunch, 24/7.

A membership program with a pre-paid transportation account, ITN is a door-through-door service, helping members with steps and packages, heavy doors and walkers. Now in its fourteenth year, ITN recreates the comfort and convenience of private auto ownership and will supplement existing transportation system in Greater Cincinnati.

Schuster explained the community benefits of the new system for both members and volunteers. On July 22, Schuster will visit the Sycamore Senior Center for an educational session on how to access ITNGC.

Since its inception with ITNPortland, the volunteer-driven transportation system has expanded to fifteen sites across the country. Cincinnati is the fourteenth affiliate, and the only affiliate in Ohio. For more information, go to, or call 513.559.2200.

Werner Institute Becomes Charter Healthy Miles™ Member

June 8, 2010

Werner Institute for Balance & Dizziness has become the first Healthy Miles™ member of ITNLasVegasValley, the new senior transportation organization providing service that replicates the independence and convenience of private ownership.
Institute President Brian Werner, PT, MPT, said: “Many of our patients are unable to drive and have limited alternatives to get to their appointments which are major factors in their recovery. We are pleased to provide this service as part of our patient care.”
“ITNLasVegasValley is pleased to welcome the Werner Institute as our first Healthy Miles™ member,” said Director, Fran Smith. “By underwriting rides to their appointments, Werner enables his patients to get to necessary treatments and rediscover an independence they may have lost.”
To learn how to become a Healthy Miles™ member call: 702.506.0917.or email: For more information on all the services provided visit:


ITNLasVegasValley is an affiliate of ITNAmerica which provides rides with door-through-door, arm-through-arm service to thousands of seniors.

Werner Institute for Balance & Dizziness is a leading physical therapy and audiology center specializing in the comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of balance and dizziness disorders.