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Local cafe in Enfield, angels to ITNNorthCentralConnecticut™

December 29, 2009

An angel has appeared in the form of two local businessmen who have decided that ITN deserves a place inside the doors of their cafe at 95 High Street in Enfield, CT. Sergio Molina (owner) and Alan Friedman (general manager) of Molina’s Cafe have been working closely with Bob Lemay, co-chair of the Board of Directors for ITN. They have been trying to increase awareness of this alternative to seniors in Enfield by making sure that at the end of every meal, each diner is given a small advertisement for ITN’s services.

Molina’s has decided to offer an ITN Savings Card during the holiday season to help support dignified transportation for local seniors. This card, at $25, is an affordable way to access discounts at Molina’s and other local and national restaurants and shops. The discount at Molina’s is 15 percent and can be used each time you visit.

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Coalition Commits to ITN

December 28, 2009

Donor Recognition Breakfast.At the South Carolina Aging in Place Coalition’s forth quarter meeting, ITNCharlestonTrident recognized SCAIP members who participated as volunteer drivers in 2009.

ITNCharlestonTrident has received a huge amount of community support from the South Carolina Aging in Place Coalition (SCAIP), through their promise for members to provide a minimum of two rides a month over a twelve-month period. SCAIP also promotes the donation of office supplies and equipment and used automobiles from other organizations, and encourages individuals and organizations to volunteer as drivers as well. The following SCAIP members have participated as volunteer drivers during the past twelve months:

* Barbara Franklin – Franklin & Associates
* David Heilman – Franklin Funding
* Dawna Nicklaus – Charleston Silver Service
* Dick Giffen – ITN Volunteer
* Elizabeth H. Willis – Roper St. Francis Healthcare
* Janet Schumacher – Mayor’s Office on Aging
* Jennifer Humphrey – Seaside Senior Services
* Kesha Wall-Graham – Hospice of Charleston
* Mary Ross McQuage – Aging Resources
* Maureen Maguire – Seniors Choice
* Nancy Holbach – Office of Dr. John Kleckley
* Paul Franklin – Franklin Funding
* Steven Lewis – Horizon Home Care
* Terry Brown – Franklin Funding
* Tom Sweeny – Charleston Business Brokers
* Vicky Ingalls – The ARK
* Wendy Weisner – Lowcountry Companions

Fighting life’s isolation after driving

December 27, 2009

Clifford Atiyeh,

(Dec. 21, 2009)– At its core, driving isn’t about carving S-turns on an alpine pass or beating a Mustang’s rear wheels into clouds of smoke. Nor is it about environmental consciousness. It’s about mobility.

Anyone suffering from a physical handicap knows how discomforting and demeaning it can be to rely on other people to get around. Public transportation only connects so many places, livery and taxi services are pricey, and bumming rides deadens the freedom of self-sufficiency. For able-bodied seniors who’ve stopped driving – either by choice or by force – it’s the same terrible feeling. How am I going to get out of the house and move?

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Off the road

December 21, 2009

Kay Lazar, The Boston Globe

It’s the spur-of-the-moment trips that June Casler misses most, the spontaneous decision to catch a 7 p.m. movie or to pick up a coveted book at the library. The octogenarian hung up her car keys for good when she moved from western New York to Marblehead in June because she felt that negotiating busy, unfamiliar streets could be distracting and dangerous.

Casler has since discovered that the local Council on Aging van doesn’t run nights or weekends and requires 24-hour advance notice. She doesn’t want to burden her son and daughter-in-law, who live nearby, for rides during the van’s off hours. But neither does she want to end up like one of her 90-year-old friends who could barely see but was still behind the wheel – until her family called police to intercede.

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A New Transportation Option in Town for Seniors

December 21, 2009

WILTON, CT (Dec 14, 2009)– CoastalCT Senior Transportation, Inc. recently signed on as the fifteenth affiliate of the Independent Transportation Network, also known as ITNAmerica.

The group will provide transportation in private automobiles in 2010 in Westport, Wilton, Weston, Easton, Fairfield and Norwalk.  Trained volunteers help older adults remain independent by driving them to appointments, shopping or even out for lunch.

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First membership check for ITNGreaterCincinnati

December 18, 2009
Katherine Freund, Pat WardTraditionally, Katherine Freund, founder and CEO of ITNAmerica, is the first member of each affiliate. At the December 9 breakfast she presented Pat Ward of Deaconess Associations Foundation with her membership check for ITNGreaterCincinnati

Partners Introduce ITNGreaterCincinnati

December 17, 2009
Katherine FreundDeaconess Associations Foundation Executive Director Pat Ward, left, with John Mitchell of Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Amy Scrivner of Cincinnati Eye Institute Foundation, Robin Usalis of the Clovernook Center and Don Holmes of Cincinnati Eye Institute Foundation at a December 9 Vital Signs Forum introducing ITNGreaterCincinnati, the new transportation option for older adults.

Deaconess Introduces Volunteer-Driven Transportation for Seniors

December 17, 2009

Katherine Freund

Deaconess Associations,

Cincinnati (December 15)– On December 9, the Deaconess Vital Signs Forum “Seniors Ride—Community Thrives” introduced

ITNGreaterCincinnati®, a new transportation option to keep seniors and visually impaired adults safe and active. Keynote speaker for the breakfast was Katherine Freund, who founded ITNAmerica®. She pointed out that older adults who no longer drive often hesitate to ask family or friends for rides to a friend’s funeral or the hair dresser, although these destinations may be very important in their lives. The Independent Transportation System provides a solution. Following the keynote speech, a panel of experts serving Cincinnati seniors discussed the transportation needs of the community.
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ITNBluegrass lends a helping hand

December 17, 2009

At a December 9 Deaconess Vital Signs Forum introducing ITNGreaterCincinnati, Katherine Freund, founder and CEO of ITNAmerica, was the keynote speaker, explaining the concept to a group of 100 attendees. Gale Reece, Executive Director of ITNBluegrass, and Merrill Reece, also attended to offer support and experience from their local affiliate in the Lexington, KY area.

Deaconess Vital Signs Forum, December 9

December 16, 2009
Katherine FreundKatherine Freund, founder and CEO of ITNAmerica, was the keynote speaker at a December 2009 Vital Signs Forum, explaining the concept and community function of ITNGreaterCincinnati to a group of 100 attendees.