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ITNBluegrass has lowered its per-mile charge

October 31, 2008

We have great news to announce: ITNBluegrass has lowered its per-mile charge. Decreased prices for gas since July’s high of $4.15/gallon mean customers will pay less for their rides. Beginning November 1st, ITNBluegrass will charge $1.50 per mile instead of $1.80 per mile.

Where There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way

October 29, 2008

“Cause,” Junior League of Charleston,  Elizabeth Kelly

For nearly two years, ITNCharlestonTrident has been opening more than just car doors around the Lowcountry; it is opening opportunities for seniors and businesses in our community.

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Giving back some independence

October 15, 2008

Stacey A. Silliman, Journal Inquirer

“It’s a nice outlet because I can do what I feel in the moment — it’s like having my own set of wheels,” she says. “I can do fun things, not just go to the doctor.”

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Need a ride? ITN is there for you

October 8, 2008

By Frederick A. Hesketh, Bloomfield Journal

Did you ever imagine a day when you may longer be able to drive? How would you get to the gym, the library, the movies, or even a doctor’s appointment? Maybe that day has already arrived for you.

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2008 Volunteer of the Year!

October 4, 2008

Mayor Strong and Eleanor

Congratulations to Judy Zogus for receiving the Max and Helen Israelite Volunteer of the Year Award. Judy she has never missed a scheduled day of service while providing over 436 rides and driving over 4500 miles to help seniors in Central Florida. Judy began a lifetime of community service through her faith organization in Chicago before retiring to Orlando and Making ITNOrlando the beneficiary of her generosity. But that is not all.

Although rare, sometimes when drivers arrive to pick up a passenger there is no one home. Schedule changes, confusion or simply forgetfulness are the typical reasons. But the reason was much more serious on March 17, 2008 when Judy went to pick up an 80- year old member. When she didn’t get an answer at the door, Judy became concerned and called the ITN office. A call to the member’s home phone was not answered and a call to her daughter heightened concern. Judy and several neighbors walked around the apartment building to see if anything seemed to be wrong. Emergency 911 was called and when they got into the apartment, they found the member lying on the floor where she had fallen the night before. At the hospital they found no broken bones and this 80- year old has mended fairly well. Drivers are asked to wait 15 minutes, but because Judy Zogus cared enough to call the office, to stick around and make sure she was taken care of, our member is alive and well today.

ITNOrlando is forever grateful for Judy’s generosity, hard work, and dedication. Congratulations Judy!

Focus on Community

October 4, 2008

Center on Aging partners with ITNGreaterLA for community transportation initiative.

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