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Better Options For Older Adults

May 28, 2007

Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, Helen Kerschner and Joan Harris

Older adults need to go to a variety of life-sustaining destinations—the doctor, grocery store, perhaps an exercise class. They want to go to any number of life-enriching locales—the library, recreation center, church, a volunteer job. By reaching these destinations, they continue to participate fully in society as workers, volunteers, family members, friends, and consumers. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to stay mobile as they age.

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Hits, Hats and a Hot Idea

May 12, 2007

A good time was had by all who attended ITNBluegrass‘ second fundraiser on May 11, 2007. Called “Hits, Hats and A Hot Idea,” the event included a piano concert, a hat contest with prizes, refreshments, as well as information on our “hot idea”: the Independent Transportation Network®!

“Hits and Hats” was held at Second Presbyterian Church in downtown Lexington on a late Friday afternoon. Eastern Kentucky University professor and Second Presbyterian’s organist Hayward Mickens, also a professional pianist, and his student Alec Miller entertained about 50 people with an eclectic mix of lively musical hits.

Kentucky has a wonderful hat tradition; many women wear them at the Kentucky Derby, which is always held on the first Saturday in May, or at Derby parties. Many of the women at our event pulled theirs out again, and the result was a sea of color amidst the dark wood paneling of the church’s chapel. Two lucky ladies won prizes for their hats: a rose bush and a book with thoughts on aging from a classical philosopher.

The refreshments were mostly provided by Magee’s Bakery, and the reception area was even decorated with hat boxes!

Everyone agreed that ITN is a hot idea, and we had lots of great questions. Several people decided that day to join us as charter members of ITNBluegrass, and we raised about $3,000!

In the center is Gale Reece, ITNBluegrass Executive Director, with her mother JoAnn Griffin (left) and Mayme Hamby (right)
In the center is Gale Reece, ITNBluegrass Executive Director, with her mother
JoAnn Griffin (left) and Mayme Hamby (right)

Volunteers take the driver’s seat

May 2, 2007

USAToday, Robert Davis

When Virginia James decided she was too old to drive, the 92-year-old resident of Portland, Maine, looked for a new way to get around. She came across the Independent Transportation Network® (ITN), which began in Portland in 1995. It brings together volunteer drivers, donated cars and computerized scheduling to give rides for about $8.

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