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Out of the driver’s seat, but still steering the course.

June 27, 2006


In America, the car has long been a symbol of that most American attribute, the spirit of independence. But for those who first got their drivers license in the 1950s and 1960s, and there are millions of us, the time to consider when not to drive may not be far away.

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Ticket to Ride

April 27, 2006

AARP Bulletin, Wayne Curtis

June E. Snow remembers the day in October 2003 when her 1984 Ford Tempo just would not start. Snow, then 77, knew that repairs would be costly, and that insurance payments and her AAA dues were coming due. So she walked back into her Falmouth, Maine, apartment and made the phone call she’d been dreading. She had the Tempo towed away, never to be replaced.

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Katherine Freund: Reinventing Life After Driving

April 27, 2006

Wayne Curtis, AARP Bulletin

In 1988, Katherine Freund’s 3-year-old son, Ryan, was crossing a street outside their home when he was badly injured by an 84-year-old driver, who later said he thought he’d hit a dog. For Freund, it was an abrupt and unfortunate introduction to the issue of older drivers. Freund later studied public policy in graduate school and learned that although the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had a department examining the issue, and though older drivers had among the highest rates of fatal crashes per mile driven, still, nobody had a good solution. So she made the issue her cause. Wayne Curtis spoke with Freund at her office in Westbrook, Maine.

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National Public Radio

February 13, 2006

Susan Sharon, Network Connects Riders with Drivers in Maine

No longer driving, but as mobile as ever

February 7, 2006

The Christian Science Monitor, Sara Miller Llana

Because of failing eyesight, Mary Alice Crabb had to give up driving almost a decade ago. So when she lost her husband four years ago, she also lost her only transportation.

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Seniors to get more transportation choices

January 22, 2006

Orlando Sentinel, Christopher Sherman

There are 4.6million Florida drivers older than 55, and many of them surely feel like Anne Hamilton.

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CBS: The Early Show

January 18, 2006

Katherine Freund of the Independent Transportation Network America speaks to Rene Syler about new programs to help senior citizens get around when they have to give up their car keys.

The Early Show

Leave The Driving To Us

January 18, 2006

CBS News

Seventy-five-year-old Mary Austin leaves at 5:45 am sharp to exercise three days a week. Vision problems forced her to quit driving, but she refuses to quit living.

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Low-budget senior ride program flourishes in Maine

January 16, 2006

The Boston Globe, David Sharp

PORTLAND, Maine –Margaret Emmons hadn’t driven in more than 20 years. So when her husband died last fall, she had no use for their 1997 Ford Taurus.

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Coaxing Seniors Out From Behind the Wheel

January 12, 2006

The Wall Street Journal, Kelly Greene

With the number of older — and less safe — drivers growing, dozens of new transportation programs are springing up around the country to make it easier for elderly people to give up their car keys.

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