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Watch Katherine Freund on HLN (formerly known as CNN Headline News) in Breakthrough Women

September 25, 2011

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Ashoka Fellow Katherine Freund on dignified transportation for seniors

October 26, 2012

Giving someone a ride is so much more than that

July 25, 2014

[Cedar Street Times]

Giving someone a ride is so much more than that

Schrage becomes volunteer for ITN

July 25, 2014

Robert Schrage is the newest Kentucky volunteer for ITNGreaterCincinnati, a nonprofit agency that provides transportation to members over the age of 60 and visually impaired adults.

Schrage first became interested in ITNGC several months ago when the agency began offering rides in Northern Kentucky. He gave his first ride on June 22 taking Mr. and Mrs. Charles Obel of Latonia to Runyan Memorial Christian Church.

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Driving service in Tucson area needs volunteers

July 10, 2014

Volunteer drivers are needed for a Tucson organization that provides door-to-door rides to anyone over 60 as well as for people with visual impairments.

More than 60 people have signed up with iTNGreaterTucson since it started here last September as part of a national nonprofit. Katherine Freund founded iTNAmerica 20 years ago in Portland, Maine, after her 3-year-old son was hit by an elderly man who had dementia.

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Heart Of The Matter

July 1, 2014

MediiTN Greater Tucson Is Going Places

ITNGreaterTucson is a non-profit transportation service for seniors and visually impaired adults in the Tucson metropolitan area.

The local affiliate of ITNAmerica was established in September of last year and is now one of 25 national affiliates that serve communities across the nation. Initiated in Portland, Maine, in 1996 by Katherine Freund, the ITN concept pairs volunteer drivers with nondriving seniors in order to preserve dignity and independence for seniors while encouraging safer roads for everyone.

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Survey: Senior drivers not reluctant to discuss safety

June 24, 2014

There’s good news for adult children of senior drivers who’ve been dreading having that all-important conversation about whether it’s time to hand over the keys: Mom or Dad might be more willing than you think to have that talk.

That’s according to a new survey from insurer Liberty Mutual, which found that 84% of senior drivers said they were open to conversations about limiting or stopping their driving. But only 6% of respondents said they had spoken with someone about their driving abilities.

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ITNMemphis accepting van from Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good

June 24, 2014

Watch as we accept ownership of a 2014 Toyota Sienna accessible van from Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good contest in April 2014.

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Deaconess Associations Foundation Awards $65,000 to ITNGC

June 3, 2014


“Reliable transportation is considered one of the most problematic issues for seniors and the sight-impaired who are striving to remain independent,” said Tony Woods, chairman of Deaconess Associations Inc. “Deaconess is pleased to continue providing financial support to ITNGreaterCincinnati to help this organization maintain such a valuable service in our community.”

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How this Maine woman could revolutionize travel for older, rural Mainers

May 9, 2014

Despite all the advances the United States has made since the first automobiles motored onto the nation’s roadways, the country still doesn’t have a good solution to a big — and growing — problem: lack of access to reliable transportation in rural areas.

That is, unless people start thinking differently about the transportation model itself and how it’s funded.

Katherine Freund, 64, of Portland still remembers the exact moment she realized how to make community-based transportation services viable for more people, especially older adults. It was 1989, when she was 39 …

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Options for seniors who don’t drive: ‘Mobility is fundamental to happiness’

May 9, 2014

Tufts of pink clouds hang in the sky as Leonard Trunsky makes his way out of his West Bloomfield home just before 7 a.m.

He switches off the light behind him and walks through the garage to the same car that waits for five mornings each week.

At 87, the former steel man doesn’t drive anymore.

Rather, his nearly-daily trip to Temple Israel to honor his late wife, Roslyn, is provided by ITNAmerica, a Maine-based network of volunteers that offers rides to seniors who can no longer drive.

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The Independent Transportation Network to be featured in phonebank

April 28, 2014

Wednesday evening the Independent Transportation Network (ITN) will be featured in the Volunteer 4 Phonebank at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.  The nonprofit organization provides due-paying members transportation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To become a member of the ITN you must be at least 60 years old or have a visual impairment.  Fares are typically lower than taxi rides and the vehicles used are normal cars rather than vans or buses.

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