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ITN Press Releases

WANTED: Somerset County residents with transportation challenges

October 21, 2014

ITN Volunteer Drivers in The New York Times

October 20, 2014

ITNAmerica is finalist in competition for $100,000 marketing grant

October 16, 2014

ITN in the Press

Watch Katherine Freund on HLN (formerly known as CNN Headline News) in Breakthrough Women

September 25, 2011

Watch the video on CNN’s website »

Ashoka Fellow Katherine Freund on dignified transportation for seniors

October 26, 2012

Founders at ITN Coastal CT Celebrate

October 13, 2014

Founders at ITN Coastal CT Celebrate

The founders of ITNCoastalCT, the nonprofit driving service for seniors and the visually disabled, met at the annul fundraiser for ITN at the Pequot Library Friday night.

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Local Drivers wanted to help seniors

September 22, 2014

Seniors in Hall County will have a new transportation method available in 2015.

ITNLanier, a volunteer-based senior transportation model, is seeking donations and volunteers in order to begin services next July, according to Erika Walker, ITNLanier co-chair.

ITNLanier is a pre-affiliate of ITNAmerica, a national nonprofit senior transportation network. It is designed to replicate the flexibility and independence provided by private car ownership for seniors unable to drive or uncomfortable doing so.

“Basically this is a senior transportation program geared toward 65-and-older folks,” Walker said. “It’s unique because it offers door-through-door, 24/7, arm-in-arm service for older adults and it uses individual cars.”

Implement a Community-Based, Volunteer-Powered Transportation Model

September 16, 2014

Tennessee communities struggle to meet the transportation needs of older adults. The issues across America tend to be the same:

  • How to provide the kind of door-through-door service older people want and need;
  • How to recruit enough volunteer drivers and how to manage insurance;
  • How to arrange rides, especially in rural and suburban communities; and
  • How to pay for it all.4

Tennessee could consider implementing the ITNAmerica model, or something similar, throughout communities in the state. ITNAmerica works with communities to help develop dignified and sustainable transportation options. ITN volunteer drivers store transportation credits for their volunteer efforts. These credits may be used to plan for their own future transit needs or they may use these credits to help pay for rides for members of their family or for low income seniors through a scholarship program. ITN transportation credits are honored at any ITN in the country. ITN’s goal is to provide the expertise, tools and state-of-the-art technology that allow organizations to serve more people without additional resources or funds.

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Memphis City Council may permit new ride service for senior citizens

September 16, 2014

Katherine Freund of Maine has told the story many times. In 1988, her 3-year-old son Ryan was run over by a car. The driver was 84 years old.

The boy made a full recovery, but the incident changed his mother’s life. At first, she looked into the possibility of stricter licensing rules for older drivers, but then changed tactics.

“Older drivers need options if they’re going to give up their cars,” she told a New York Times reporter years later. “There’s a black hole in our public policy.” So, she started an organization called the Independent Transportation Network in Portland, Maine, to offer low-cost rides to senior citizens who have difficulty driving but want to retain their independence.

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The key decision

August 18, 2014

The freedom to drive is something we expect to continue to do but what if you had to make the key decision? The decision to determine if you, or perhaps your parents can no longer safely drive. How will they get to the grocery store, a doctor’s appointment or fill prescriptions? The answer is ITNGreaterKansasCity.

Initiated in Portland, Maine in 1996 by Katherine Freund, the ITN concept pairs volunteer drivers with non-driving older adults in order to preserve their dignity and independence while encouraging safer roads for everyone. The local affiliate of ITNAmerica, ITNGreaterKansasCity was launched in Lee’s Summit in Sept. 2013.

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Transportation for the aging poses mounting challenge in Twin Cities

August 12, 2014

Several years ago, Bob Halko began cutting back on his driving. He stayed off the freeways, avoided rush-hour traffic and stopped driving at night. Then he found he could no longer drive, and that public transportation couldn’t move him efficiently from his home in Inver Grove Heights to the places he wanted or needed to go. His four daughters, each living in widely scattered Twin Cities suburbs, stepped up, shuttling him to and from medical appointments in St. Louis Park, to the pharmacy and on shopping errands.

“Between us, we made it work,” says daughter Trish Halko. “We drove him all over the place.”

Their support enabled Bob to remain in his home until he died, at age 81. Eventually, the experience led Trish to help organize, and now to chair, a local affiliate of a national nonprofit here, ITNTwinCities, which will transport the growing ranks of nondriving seniors living mostly in Hennepin County’s northwest suburbs starting this fall.

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Giving someone a ride is so much more than that

July 25, 2014

[Cedar Street Times]

Giving someone a ride is so much more than that

Schrage becomes volunteer for ITN

July 25, 2014

Robert Schrage is the newest Kentucky volunteer for ITNGreaterCincinnati, a nonprofit agency that provides transportation to members over the age of 60 and visually impaired adults.

Schrage first became interested in ITNGC several months ago when the agency began offering rides in Northern Kentucky. He gave his first ride on June 22 taking Mr. and Mrs. Charles Obel of Latonia to Runyan Memorial Christian Church.

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Driving service in Tucson area needs volunteers

July 10, 2014

Volunteer drivers are needed for a Tucson organization that provides door-to-door rides to anyone over 60 as well as for people with visual impairments.

More than 60 people have signed up with iTNGreaterTucson since it started here last September as part of a national nonprofit. Katherine Freund founded iTNAmerica 20 years ago in Portland, Maine, after her 3-year-old son was hit by an elderly man who had dementia.

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Heart Of The Matter

July 1, 2014

MediiTN Greater Tucson Is Going Places

ITNGreaterTucson is a non-profit transportation service for seniors and visually impaired adults in the Tucson metropolitan area.

The local affiliate of ITNAmerica was established in September of last year and is now one of 25 national affiliates that serve communities across the nation. Initiated in Portland, Maine, in 1996 by Katherine Freund, the ITN concept pairs volunteer drivers with nondriving seniors in order to preserve dignity and independence for seniors while encouraging safer roads for everyone.

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